These 12 movie and TV podcasts will have you reaching for the popcorn

TV & Film November 30, 2021

Want to relive your favorite movie experience? Curious what shows are hot right now? Don’t want to watch reality TV alone? This list of television and film podcasts is here to steer you in the right direction. Whether you are a film buff or just a huge fan of “The Bachelor” (or both, you can totally be both) there is no lack of podcasts talking about your favorite and least favorite shows and movies. 

There are podcasts about the Golden Age of Hollywood, the worst movies Hollywood ever made, the best television shows that have ever graced primetime, the behind-the-scenes action, and everything in between. So sit back with us and listen to it all again.

HBO’s Succession Podcast

Listen to ‘HBO’s Succession Podcast’

“HBO’s Succession Podcast” is the official podcast of Waystar RoyCo and the entire Roy family. Host and journalist Kara Swisher is actually connecting the real world events that are echoing the drama on screen. Along with guests, she is giving weekly power rankings of each member of the family, telling us who’s on top, who is falling from grace, and who in the chess game is about to sacrifice a piece or two.

Pop Culture Happy Hour

Listen to ‘Pop Culture Happy Hour’

NPR’s “Pop Culture Happy Hour” is obsessed with everything television, movies, books, and more. Arts journalists Linda Holmes, Glen Weldon, Stephen Thompson, and Aisha Harris are talking about the newest releases and newest news – from the legacy of Stephen Sondheim to House of Gucci, King Richard, and Encanto. Stay up to date on the biggest pop culture happenings with “Pop Culture Happy Hour.”

Talking Sopranos

Listen to ‘Talking Sopranos’

Sopranos co-stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa are going episode by episode to give Sopranos fans all of the inside secrets, behind-the-scenes action and little-known facts that only people who were there could know. Along with cast members, producers, writers, and crew, “Talking Sopranos” is an Italian dream team.

Films To Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein

Listen to ‘Films To Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein’

Brett Goldstein wants to know what films you want to be buried with. We see lots of films before we die, so there has to be a few you want to take to the afterlife. In “Films To Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein,” the comedian and actor talks with people like Yvette Nicole Brown, Jimmy Carr, and Maisie Williams to see what films have brought them the most joy here on Earth.


Listen to ‘Unspooled’

The hosts of Unspooled are watching the AFI’s Top 100 films of all time, and they want you to do it with them! Since their first season, actor and comedian Paul Scheer and film critic Amy Nicholson have decided to fill in the gaps of the film universe through genre miniseries; they watch the best of the best of horror, rom-coms, and documentaries. 

Listen along to their commentary on the world’s favorite films, guilty pleasure movies, and some of the greatest art ever created.

Bachelor Happy Hour

Listen to ‘Bachelor Happy Hour’

Never watch reality TV alone! Deemed the official Bachelor Nation podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour is here to help you digest the reality television you watched the night before! Host Becca Kufrin has seen both sides of the rose ceremony and is no stranger to letting vulnerability show on national TV. Joined each week by a guest co-host, Becca and friends share their experiences and behind-the-scenes knowledge on one of America’s most successful reality dating shows. 

Whether it’s sharing relationship advice and flagging contestants who may not be there for all the right reasons, year-round she is talking about all things “The Bachelor”, “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor In Paradise” with fellow alumni. Tune in for her recent interview with current Bachelorette Katie Thurston and Bachelorette-turned-co-host Tayshia Adams.

The Televerse

Listen to ‘The Televerse’

For any television fanatic out there, this is the podcast for you. Kate Kulzick and Noel Kirkpatrick have discussed just about every television show ever created and spotlight their weekly television favorites. Beyond that, they have their “Streaming In Place” series where they watch full seasons of shows no longer on the air.

“The Televerse” is literally all things television, and for anyone looking to hear what’s new on TV or revisit old favorites, this show is required listening.

You Must Remember This

Listen to ‘You Must Remember This’

Any fan of the Golden Age of Hollywood needs to turn on this podcast right now. “You Must Remember This” tells the stories behind the stories on screen back in the ages of stars like Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, and Judy Garland. 

A narrative work of nonfiction, Karina Longworth, former film critic and founder of, navigates the old news stories, legends of stars, and institutional cover-ups to find out what really happened behind the scenes.

Strong Black Lead

Listen to ‘Strong Black Lead’

Every week, Tracy Clayton sits down with legends that paved the way for Black representation in Hollywood and the rising stars who are making their own paths. Strong Black Lead showcases black talent that has been inspiring us from the start, with interviews from legends like Debbie Allen and Loretta Devine, to young scene-stealers who have no doubt sealed their legacy in TV history. From the struggles to the triumphs, to the issues still plaguing the industry today, Strong Black Lead honors the best of the best.

How Did This Get Made?

Listen to ‘How Did This Get Made?’

Who doesn’t love hate-watching a terrible film that somehow holds a deep and tender place in your heart? We know it’s bad, but we can’t help but love it. Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas hilariously narrate all of our thoughts when watching a truly awful movie. How Did This Get Made is a must listen for anyone who refuses to believe a movie is actually “bad”.

I Saw That Years Ago

Listen to ‘I Saw That Years Ago’

Since 2014, Martyn Darkly and Gentlemen Joe have been watching movies you haven’t seen in years so you don’t have to suffer the heartbreak of them not being around anymore. Seeing if they withstand the test of time, our hosts review old films that may have aged not as well as we would have thought when we watched it through a shiny childhood lens. Or sometimes, they end up being even better than we remember! But why take that gamble alone, when you can do it with “I Saw That Years Ago”?


Listen to ‘Scriptnotes’

Any film buff or screenwriter knows that “Scriptnotes” is the cream of the crop when it comes to podcasts about the film and television industry. Hosted by screenwriters John August and Craig Maizin, in their over 500 episodes they have discussed everything from how to write an intriguing opening scene to copyright law. With interviews from the industry’s biggest players, “Scriptnotes” has all of the behind-the-scenes knowledge that everyone wants to know.

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