These 9 podcasts are watching (and rewatching) our favorite TV shows, giving us behind-the-scenes details and scenes we missed

TV & Film March 4, 2022

The wild success of “Office Ladies” has no doubt been the inspiration behind the boom in TV companion podcasts. Actors, writers, and official superfans are sitting down behind the mic to rewatch the shows that have made us. From It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia to The Crown, these podcasts are grabbing the stars, directors, and writers of these shows to sit down and chat over an episode.

We’ve grabbed the newest and biggest podcasts that are watching and rewatching our favorite TV shows to share with you. We’ve got official podcasts, unofficial podcasts, and dubiously official podcasts for you here. Whether you’ve watched all of these shows or not, check out these ultimate TV companion podcasts.

The Always Sunny Podcast

Listen to ‘The Always Sunny Podcast’

While they say it’s is an unofficial look back on the past 14 seasons of the hit show, “The Always Sunny Podcast” seems pretty official. Hosted by creators and leads Glenn, Charlie, and Rob, they’re taking us all the way back to 2005 to watch every single episode. They share their memories of creating the show, reveal how they all first met, and discuss how they created a lasting partnership that has gone on this long.

Parks and Recollection

Listen to ‘Parks and Recollection’

Actor Rob Lowe and writer/director Alan Yang host the most official Parks and Recreation podcast, “Parks and Recollection.” The two share only knowledge they would have from in front of the camera and in the writers’ room. One episode at a time, they are joined by the likes of Fred Armisen, creator Dan Goor, writers, and more on this delightful podcast.

The Crown: The Official Podcast

Listen to ‘The Crown: The Official Podcast’

While we have to wait until 2022 for a new season of The Crown, there is truly nothing stopping you from rewatching the first four seasons. “The Crown: The Official Podcast” is hosted by Edith Bowman and follows the show episode by episode, diving into the true stories and giving us insights from the people involved in making the show. So far, she’s been joined by the likes of Olivia Coleman, Helena Bonham Carter, and Gillian Anderson. So. Yeah. It’s pretty official.

Second In Command: A VEEP Rewatch

Listen to ‘Second In Command: A VEEP Rewatch’

Á la “Office Ladies,” Veep costars Matt Walsh and Tim Simons host the ultimate rewatch podcast, “Second In Command: A VEEP Rewatch.” Together, they will be asking existential questions and answering fan questions, as well as discussing this Primetime Emmy Award winning series with the A-list actors who made it so. The two co-stars are testing their memories and their co-stars, making this podcast an ideal running mate while watching VEEP.

Only Murders in the Building Podcast

Listen to ‘Only Murders in the Building Podcast’

If you missed the Only Murders in the Building hype, don’t worry, we were left on a cliffhanger for the ages, so we’re anxiously awaiting a second season. Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez starred in the show about three neighbors who make a true crime podcast to sleuth out a murderer in their building. And in the most meta way possible, Elizabeth Keener and Kevin Lawn made a podcast about it! “Only Murders in the Building Podcast” is a legit companion podcast, as they speak with cast and writers about the show and try to guess who the murderer is before it’s too late. Also, for their last episode, they even snagged Short to finish off the first season with them.

The Landscapers Podcast

Listen to ‘The Landscapers Podcast’

This official companion podcast to the new HBO and Sky show Landscapers, starring David Thewlis and Olivia Coleman, is taking us behind the scenes of Landscapers to explore the true events that make the show so compelling. “The Landscapers Podcast” is a five-episode series speaking to the creators of the show, from translating the real crimes committed by Susan and Christopher Edwards to what about this story originally drew them in.

Down By The Creek

Listen to ‘Down By The Creek’

Less official, but just as brilliant, “Down By The Creek” is Alvin Williams’ first foray into the world of Dawson’s Creek. A novice to the show, he is watching it one episode at a time with special guests. If you love the show, relive your first time watching it, or if you’ve never seen it, then perhaps you’ll be compelled by “Down By The Creek’s” light analysis and heavy hilarity. Either way, enjoy!

I Am All In with Scott Patterson

Listen to ‘I Am All In with Scott Patterson’

For the first time, Scott Patterson, the beloved, grumpy diner owner, Luke Danes, on Gilmore Girls, is watching all episodes of Gilmore Girls since the show wrapped in 2000. He and extra special guests from the show are sharing behind-the-scenes details, analyzing episodes, and answering questions. Learn if Patterson is Team Jess or Team Logan, his favorite moments, and how Gilmore Girls became a cult classic that audiences can’t walk away from.

The Big Conn: The Official Podcast

The Big Conn: The Official Podcast

Listen to ‘The Big Conn: The Official Podcast’

Described as a real life Saul Goodman, Eric C. Conn wore wacky ties, plastered bright yellow billboards across Kentucky, filmed zany commercials, and pulled off one of the biggest government frauds in U.S. history. “The Big Conn: The Official Podcast” is hosted by the executive producers/directors of The Big Conn docuseries, and they provide us with more information that couldn’t fit in four episodes and even speak with characters who didn’t want to be in the show.

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