Pumped for the return of ‘This Is Us?’ 5 podcasts and episodes to stream before starting the final season

TV & Film January 4, 2022

Season 6 of “This is Us” premieres tonight on NBC at 9PM ET/PT. Before you stream the first of the final season’s 18 episodes, airing weekly, check out these podcasts. We’ve included episodes interviewing cast members like Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, and Sterling K. Brown.

There are two recap and review shows on our list in case you’d like to catch up on previous episodes. Scroll down to check out our complete “This is Us” round-up:

This is Us Too

Listen to ‘This is Us Too’

Mary & Blake Media present “This is Us Too,” a recap and review show. Check out the series in chronological order for plot refreshers, or start at any episode since the podcast has thoroughly covered the show since season 1. The hosts share lots of spoilers each episode and love to float theories. Check out over 90 episodes, running an hour on average.

On with Mario Lopez

Listen to ‘OWM: Actor Milo Ventimiglia Talks Last Season of ‘This Is Us’, Courtney Drops a Fresh Christmas Life Hack and ‘NCIS: Hawaii’ Star Kian Talan Joins us! (December 2nd, 2021)’ on ‘On with Mario Lopez’

“On with Mario Lopez” sat down with Milo Ventimiglia in December 2021 to share what viewers can expect over the last season of “This is Us.” Milo explains how the show’s past seasons shifted from understanding Jack Pearson’s death (played by Milo) to focusing on Rebecca’s legacy after his death, as well as the rest of the family’s character trajectories. Milo also discussed voice acting in the fiction podcast, “Strawberry Spring,” based on Stephen King’s short story.

Little Gold Men

Listen to ‘Mandy Moore Was At a “Low Point” Before This Is Us Came Along’ on ‘Little Gold Men’

Vanity Fair’s “Little Gold Men” chatted with Mandy Moore in 2018 about playing Rebecca Pearson on “This is Us.” In this 48-minute episode, Mandy shares how the show changed her life and why she was at a “low point” before getting cast in “This is Us.” Later in the episode, hear about the Tony Awards, Incredibles 2, and the Emmy Awards.

Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist

Listen to ‘ ICYMI: Sterling K. Brown’ on ‘Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist’

In 2019, Sterling K. Brown appeared on “Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist” for a 57-minute interview. He shared what it’s like playing the adopted son and father Randall Pearson on “This is Us.” Sterling ran down 13 years of gigs before joining “This is Us” in this interview. Sterling also discussed his dramatic role in the film, Waves.

Pod Clubhouse Presents: This is Us

Listen to ‘Pod Clubhouse Presents: This is Us’

“Pod Clubhouse Presents: This is Us” has been recapping episodes since 2020. The series covered TV seasons 4 and 5 and has released over 20 episodes averaging 50 minutes each. Stream in chronological order if you’re looking for spoilers or refreshers on what happened over the last two seasons.

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