The only ‘U Up?’ text you should be opening: Jordana and Jared help navigate the perplexing world of dating

Society & Culture January 4, 2022
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Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid are discussing datings’ most perplexing quandaries and questions in their podcast “U Up?” If you’ve ever received (or god forbid, sent) this titular text, then these two are here to help. And, hey, even if all of these dating problems don’t apply to you for whatever reason, scoop up their free advice and revel in the fact that you don’t have to deal with these dilemmas yourself.

Jordana and Jared have been doling out over 300 episodes worth of advice, so if you happen to be looking for an answer to a specific problem, odds are, they’ve covered it. Every Sunday and Wednesday, the two are interpreting dating behavior and trying to make sense of love (and lust). Sunday’s episodes are short and sweet, topping off at just 25-ish minutes, while Wednesday’s episodes are a full dose of “U Up?” at about an hour and 10 minutes a piece.

Whether you’ve found yourself in these situations before, or you want to be able to advise a friend who seems to constantly find themselves ensnared in dating debacles, “U Up?” is helping us untangle the wild dating world. Jordana and Jared aren’t afraid to say the truths that others won’t, from how to deal with making more money than your partner to wanting to be treated like a princess.

Their episode topics typically come from listener questions/experiences, ranging from hypotheticals to burning-need-to-knows. They are answering questions about whether or not your partner’s body count matters, if you really need your stuff back from your ex, when couples should start mixing finances, and even whether dating is easier for men. The two have discussed the pros and cons of meeting on a dating app, dating (and breaking up with) coworkers, and Taylor Swift‘s 10-minute All Too Well. As they should.

The “U Up?” hosts are both blunt and empathetic. They aren’t ones to beat around the bush, but they also aren’t throwing you to the wolves with their advice. Have a friend who’s wondering if their just a rebound to the person they’re seeing? Are you sensing that you are a sounding board who has run out of advice for your sister who is deliberating whether or not to break up with her boyfriend? Are you just straight up curious if other people think that cheating is an automatic dealbreaker? Yeah, same.

Basically, “U Up?” is out here answering all of the questions and exploring all of the queries that, if we haven’t come across them yet, we know we probably will. Jordana and Jared are out here making the dating world a better place, upping our confidence, and making way for clearer communication (because that’s all it boils down to, no?). So, for the first time ever, please consider yourself encouraged to answer this “U Up?” text.

Listen to ‘U Up?’

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