Former lawyer and TikTok money coach Delyanne Barros shares financial advice on ‘Diversifying’

Business March 7, 2022
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For 13 years, Delyanne Barros was a lawyer in NYC who thought she was fulfilling her dreams and checking off achievements on a list she felt she was supposed to complete. As a child of immigrants, she had a rigid definition of success and attended college, law school, and landed a corporate job at an employment law firm.

Delyanne felt miserable working endless hours and wore “golden handcuffs,” making just enough money to support herself and start paying over $150,000 in student loans. She felt alone in her situation and now wants to help others by sharing what she has learned. You might also know Delyanne as The Money Coach on TikTok, a side hustle she transformed into a full-time gig. And last year, she quit her job to focus on her company, Delyanne the Money Coach LLC.

“Diversifying” is a business podcast breaking down personal finance for listeners who feel the financial system is against them. Whether you’re a woman, person of color, single, or want to hear advice on financial decisions, episodes share money management tools and stories. Start the series from the first episode to get acquainted with Delyanne’s story. So far, all episodes are under 30 minutes long.

The first two episodes discussed student loans. Delyanne used student loans to receive an education and pull herself from poverty. On episode one, she was joined by her sister, Nathalia Copeland, and they both reflected on debt. They explored what those past loan decisions mean for them in the present. Delyanne and her sister discussed whether or not they believe the loans were worth it, shared tips on making plans to tackle loan payments, and more. They also analyzed how in the American financial system, lots of people amass debt to get ahead.

Nathalia is a business coach and founded I Speak Social. Washington Post Higher Education Reporter Danielle Douglas-Gabriel also joined Delyanne on episode 1. Debt expert Nika Booth (@debtfreegonnabe) appeared on episode 2 and explained options for paying off loans. They shared money mistakes they’ve made and steps to take control of debt.

Tune in for new, weekly episodes of “Diversifying,” presented by CNN.

Listen to ‘Diversifying’

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