TikTok star and makeup artist Ally Yost tackles listeners’ questions about relationships, friendships, and life on ‘GIRLYPOPCAST’

Society & Culture March 3, 2022
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TikTok star and makeup artist Ally Yost is sourcing talking points from her audience and fans for deep dives into life’s challenges, relationships, and friendships. On “Girlypopcast,” Ally is creating a safe, positive, and comfy space for listeners, where she will answer questions, share advice, thoughts, and whatever else comes to light. Ally will fill y’all in with plenty of life updates in weekly episodes, and she continues to post for her fanbase of 1.4+ million followers on TikTok.

“Girlypopcast” dropped on February 13, and so far, all episodes are under 40 minutes long. Start the series from episode one if you’d like to learn more about Ally and the podcast’s format.

In the first episode, Ally told listeners about her journey, initial struggles when committing to a passion because she had multiple interests, majoring in fine arts, leaving community college, and more. She’s “making the Yost of it” and hopes listeners will too. Ally is originally from Rochester, New York. In episode 1, Ally explained how she began her social media journey as an outlet, starting with Vine, and speaking truths in short videos. Ally was surprised when a few of her Vines went viral, and she gained over 200k+ followers. She’s still a little salty that Vine shut down in 2017. She continued to post on Instagram and YouTube with makeup tutorials and was not gaining the kind of traction her content had on Vine.

Ally shared past job experiences including a key-holder position at American Eagle, which felt like she had “baby manager” status. She worked for Mary Kay cosmetics and enjoyed the independence of making your own hours. In episode 1, we learned that Ally has been a freelance makeup artist since she was 18, and in addition, she worked at Sephora, applauding anyone who is working retail or spending hours on your feet every day. Ally shared tips for aspiring makeup artists in this episode and said she never went to cosmetology school. Ally liked working at Sephora because she enjoys helping people and in general, wants to impact the world.

Ally shared what it was like to leave Sephora, freelance as much as possible, and create through her Etsy shop. She explained why she loves TikTok as a platform.

Episode 2 was filled with listeners’ stories about overcoming mental blocks, toxic boys, and friendship breakups – just to name a few. Ally is open to hosting guests in the future. She has a few friends in mind she wants to speak with on episodes, and she likes listening to conversation-based podcasts. Ally wants the first few episodes of “Girlypopcast” to be all about the audience and sharing her story.

Tune in for new, weekly episodes of “Girly Popcast” wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

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