Comedic TikToker Daniel Bennett is chatting with fellow influencers like Anna Sitar and Josh ‘Bru’ Brubaker on ‘Rebranding’

Comedy June 4, 2022
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Comedic TikTok influencer Daniel Bennett is teaming up with his peers and fellow content creators who have rebranded themselves over time. For Daniel, “Rebranding” means any change you’re making in your life or attempts to rebrand yourself, no matter how small the change may seem. On episodes of his podcast, “Rebranding,” Daniel is chatting with influencers from your favorite platforms, unpacking what it means to have an online following and exploring how they redefined themselves in the public eye.

“Rebranding” is brought to you by SickBird Productions, Jade Watson’s multi-faceted company. In addition to working with multi-million dollar brands and fabulous content creators, SickBird also produces podcasts. To learn more about Jade, check out her entrepreneurship podcast, “Rich Friends,” and her recent interview with Podsauce.

Since March, “Rebranding” has released 7 episodes that can be streamed in any order. If you’re starting from episode 1, check out Anna Sitar and Josh “Bru” Brubaker’s 2-part episode. The TikTokers are dating and chatted about their relationship, finding fame separately on the internet, and dished on creating content. Anna and Bru candidly told Daniel about all their rebrands along the way. Bru was also on Netflix’s The Circle and is a radio host.

If you were wondering how not to use your masters degree, check out Daniel’s convo with Caitlin from the popular TikTok page, CaitlinandTiptoe, with content highlighting her 175-pound tortoise, Tiptoe.

Audrey Peters joined Daniel to talk about how she manifested TikTok fame and why she has beef with navy blue sheets. Leo González told Daniel about everything from Olive Garden to the Apple store, working as a PA, starting out on TikTok, writing relatable skits, and impersonating. Delaney had a college rebrand and told Daniel about becoming blonde, how she develops ideas, and a lot more. In April, Chris Olsen joined an episode, one of the last interviews before his untimely death.

Daniel also shares his personal rebranding experiences, going from posting car content to videos he now has more fun making. It’s interesting to hear influencers share behind-the-scenes stories from their internet lives as well as diving into their creative processes and the rebrands they’ve undergone. Tune into “Rebranding” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Rebranding’

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