TikTokers, influencers, and more guests debrief on ‘The Comment Section with Drew Afualo’

Comedy November 7, 2022
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TikToker and defender of women, Drew Afualo, is a pro at shooting down misogynists on the internet. Now on her podcast, Drew and guests tackle the comment sections of their tagged TikTok videos in long-form conversations. Along with fellow influencers and TikTokers, Drew hosts real chats and keeps the laughs going with raw advice on modern topics that matter.

On her popular TikTok videos, Drew replies to a variety of harsh comments and pokes fun at the comment-writers, retaining 7.8+ million followers. She strongly advocates for women and more vulnerable groups of people. In her content, Drew also discusses her Samoan heritage.

Stream “The Comment Section with Drew Afualo’s” episodes in any order that run less than 70 minutes on average. The podcast has been alive and kicking with 40+ episodes since earlier in 2022.

The 26-year-old host is diving into topics like fighting anti-feminism, (fe)male gazing, family, self-confidence, and embracing your authentic self online and IRL. Recent guests covered time wasters, f-boys, “what it means to be a bad b*tch,” makeup, and women in Hollywood – just to name a few. Plenty of guests unpack relationships, dating (and dating horror stories), attachment styles, and toxic behavior.

Megan Cruz (@JStoobs) joined Drew to discuss their favorite horror flicks, how women vs. male roles are treated in movies, and gym bros’ undying love for Batman. Johnny Sibilly stopped by another episode to talk about queer and female-driven TV reboots, why unfunny men think they’re hilarious, and more.

This series also welcomes influencers who jumped into podcasting like Tyshon Lawrence and Cristian Dennis. On one of the podcast’s first episodes, “Violating Community Guidelines” co-host and content creator Sarah Schauer talked about body neutrality.

Singer, actor, drag queen, and creator Trixie Mattel chatted with Drew over the summer about “natural beauty.” Creator Manny MUA discussed toxic masculinity, and he also co-hosts the podcast “Fool Coverage with Manny Mua and Laura Lee.

Weekly episodes of “The Comment Section with Drew Afualo” are brought to you by Brat TV. Tune in wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Comment Section with Drew Afualo’

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