Get critical insight on the war in Ukraine from CIA veterans in 2 new episodes of ‘Whirlwind: America, Russia, and Ukraine’

History April 13, 2022
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C13Originals’ “Whirlwind: America, Russia & Ukraine” is a timely documentary podcast series taking listeners into the battlefield with new episodes this April. Written and narrated by Pulitzer Prize-winning and New York Times bestselling author Tim Weiner, “Whirlwind” shares insight on the current war, explores how Russia threatens democracy, and how intelligence and disinformation contribute to 21st-century political warfare. Weiner will interview high-ranking CIA veterans who, for decades, have been at the frontlines of the US’ intelligence war with Russia.

Beginning in 2020, “Whirlwind” discussed the US and Russia‘s 75-year battle that led to Trump’s election and impeachment. Episodes unpacked the long history of political warfare between Russia and the United States, with Ukraine’s key role in the conflict. 

For full historical context, start “Whirlwind” from the first episode of season 1, or stream the latest two episodes in chronological order. So far, all episodes are less than an hour each.

Along with guests, Weiner will detail 21st century political warfare intelligence and information operations. Episodes describe how Putin attacked Ukraine by using deception and disinformation, and what happened when the CIA exposed Putin’s lies to counterattack. We’ll also hear how American political warfare can undermine Putin and the Kremlin. Weiner will explore how American media figures and politicians like Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, and Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) boost Russian disinformation.

In new episodes, we’ll hear from Chris Bort, former national intelligence officer for Russia and chief Kremlinologist for the American intelligence community; Beth Sanner, former Deputy Director of National Intelligence; CIA veteran Marc Polymeropoulos, former Deputy Chief for the CIA’s covert operations in Russia; Gregory Sims, 30-year CIA veteran; Douglas London, longtime CIA Senior Operations Officer; Julia Davis, Russian Media Monitor; David Corn, Washington Bureau Chief, Mother Jones, and co-author of Russian Roulette.

“The war in Ukraine is a battle for democracy against autocracy. The United States is engaged in the same war here at home. The autocrats’ weapon is the big lie. Democracy’s superpower is the truth,” said Weiner.

To hear more from Weiner, tune in for new episodes of “Whirlwind: America, Russia, and Ukraine.”

Listen to ‘Whirlwind: America, Russia, and Ukraine’

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