Lyman ‘Wesley’ Bostock Jr.’s life, MLB career, and murder are chronicled in ‘Tom Rinaldi Presents: Wesley’

Sports August 11, 2022
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MLB player Lyman “Wesley” Bostock Jr. was the only player murdered mid-season in over 150 years. The baseballer played for the Angels in the 1970s before he was murdered. The perpetrator’s trial reached a shocking verdict. “Tom Rinaldi Presents: Wesley” is an 8-part series chronicling Lyman’s life, death, and the justice system that let his killer walk free.

Hall of Famers like Rod Carew and George Brett shared that Lyman was a rising star, batting champion, and would have likely joined them in the Hall of Fame. In this series, Tom learned that Lyman was much more than a baseball star and chatted with his widow, Youvene, his friends, and teammates. Tom also talked to the media who covered Lyman’s story and the lawyers from his murder trial.

Tom shares lesser-known tidbits about Lyman’s life, motivations, and mindset, including donating his salary to charity during a hitting slump and almost passing on a baseball career to fight for social justice in the 1960s. The series also examines the killer’s possible motives.

Start the podcast from episode 1 to hear Lyman’s life story, with the average episode running under 35 minutes. Episodes detail Lyman’s upbringing in Gary, Indiana to playing high school baseball in Los Angeles.

In the 1960s, Lyman almost avoided college baseball due to the time period’s social unrest and tumult. We learn about his participation in a student protest after a white coach assaulted a Black athlete, with severe consequences including an arrest, felony charges, and jail time.

After college, Lyman was even more motivated to succeed and entered MLB’s draft. He was chosen 595th overall and rose quickly, learning lessons and forming bonds along the way. He befriended Rod Carew, learned more about baseball’s business side, and how the Minnesota Twins treated their players.

Lyman finished his contract and became known as one of the league’s best hitters, getting recruited by over 12 teams, Reggie Jackson, and the New York Yankees’ George Steinbrenner. Lyman landed one of the highest-paying contracts in sports and went to Southern California to play for the Angels.

This podcast is a great listen for sports history buffs and true crime listeners. Tune into FOX Sports’ “Tom Rinaldi Presents: Wesley” wherever you stream your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Tom Rinaldi Presents: Wesley’

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