Jump on your first ‘Trash Tuesday’ and laugh out loud with the delightfully inappropriate ‘Trash Tuesday w/ Annie & Esther & Khalyla’

Comedy April 12, 2022
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Comedians/actors/podcasters Annie Lederman, Esther Povitsky, and Khalyla Kuhn host their comedy podcast “Trash Tuesday w/ Annie & Esther & Khalyla.” The three are downright hilarious in this weekly podcast, interviewing other popular podcasters and comedians about anything and everything under the sun.

Not only that, but every episode seemingly comes with a deeper meaning, whether it’s the trio sharing stories from their pasts or getting vulnerable about failed relationships. Irreverent, eloquent, and delightfully inappropriate, these three are providing endless hours of entertainment.

The three started “Trash Tuesday w/ Annie & Esther & Khalyla” in early 2021 and have been releasing weekly episodes ever since. Start streaming with any of their 60+ episodes, as they don’t need to be listened to in any particular order. Episodes are typically just over an hour long and, probably obviously, you can catch new episodes on Tuesdays.

If you don’t know any members of this trio, let us introduce you. Esther, who also goes by the stage name Little Esther (she’s the short one in their cover art), made regular appearances on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and can be seen in shows like Brooklyn 99, Parks and Recreation, and Last Comic Standing. She created the TV series Alone Together and released her first comedy special on Comedy Central in 2020 titled Hot for My Name. She’s hosted a number of other podcasts, including Glowing Up and Weird Adults with Little Esther.

Annie is the blonde one with a deeper, raspy voice. She’s a talented writer/comedian. She tours around the world as a stand-up comedian, starred in MTV’s Girl Code, has been on Chelsea Lately, written for shows like Impractical Jokers and Who Is America?, and much more. She always has a joke at Esther’s expense and is always locked and loaded with a lewd quip or two.

Maybe you’re coming here from the wildly popular “TigerBelly” podcast, hosted by none other than Khalyla and her comedian husband/best friend Bobby Lee. She’s the one with the beautiful tattoo and is typically the soothing voice of reason on “Trash Tuesday.”

Together, the three make the perfect podcast platoon. Inspired by male comedians who claim that men can be mean to their friends and women can’t, Esther and Annie roped in Khalyla to round out this dynamic podcast. Nothing is off-limits with these three (especially Annie). On one of their most recent episodes, Annie and Esther were joined by Nick Viall, Bachelor alum and host of “The Viall Files.

The three went deep into Esther’s dating history, mainly helping her work through why she still pseudo-stalks one of her exes. They talk about Nick’s podcast, why he started it, and why they enjoy it so much. Nick said that with his podcast, he is hoping to help other people learn from his mistakes and not waste time on heartbreak like he did.

He told them that his main message is controlling what you can control in your life — and you can’t control how other people feel about you. Esther and Annie say that his bluntness with people who ask for advice on “The Viall Files” is one of the things they appreciate most about his podcast, Nick telling them that he’s not the kind of person who suggests, “Guys like when you do this or that.”

They also talk about fearing advanced technology and tall men, evolution and anxiety, and how Jersey Shore revolutionized the English language – well, language around dating and sex and all that. They quiz Nick on dating dos and don’ts, and he obviously hands out sage advice on how to navigate a friends-with-benefits relationship.

They’ve also had on guests like Andrew Schulz, Akaash Singh, Whitney Cummings, Nikki Glaser, and obviously, Bobby Lee. Podsauce favorite Lisa Lampanelli has been a guest, along with Trisha Paytas and Brandon Wardell.

“Trash Tuesday w/ Annie & Esther & Khalyla” hits every single mark of a great comedy podcast. They are consistently hilarious, insightful when need be, and seemingly incapable of holding back. They’ve been keeping fans laughing out loud through the pandemic and they are guaranteed to be your new obsession.

Listen to ‘Trash Tuesdays w/ Annie, & Esther, & Khalyla’

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