10 true crime podcasts for fans of ‘The Coldest Case in Laramie’

True Crime March 9, 2023

We’ve rounded up chilling podcasts for fans of Serial’s “The Coldest Case in Laramie.” The shows on our list dig into unsolved crimes, missing persons, murders, and other hair-raising cases. Hear from experts like Paul Holes as he dives into cases from history with investigative journalist and documentarian Kate Winkler Dawson.

Many of the shows on our list are hosted by investigative journalists like M. William Phelps and Erin Moriarty. For podcasts focusing on one true crime narrative per season, tune into “Culpable,” “Suspect,” “Bone Valley,” and “Paper Ghosts.”

Buried Bones podcast art

Buried Bones

Listen to ‘Buried Bones’

Buried Bones” digs into compelling true crime cases from history with retired investigator Paul Holes and investigative journalist Kate Winkler Dawson. With complementary areas of expertise, the hosting duo reevaluates old cases with modern forensic techniques and 21st century insight.

Suspect podcast art


Listen to ‘Suspect’

Suspect’s” second season, “Vanished in the Snow,” examines Jonelle Matthews’ disappearance in 1984. The case ran cold for over 30 years and Colorado law enforcement was totally stumped. With little evidence left behind, Matthews’ remains were found near the Rocky Mountains in 2019. This season, learn new information about the case from friends, family, and those involved in the trial and verdict. “Suspect” is presented by Wondery.

Tenfold More Wicked podcast art

Tenfold More Wicked

Listen to ‘Tenfold More Wicked

On Exactly Right’s “Tenfold More Wicked,” host Kate Winkler Dawson blends true crime, storytelling, and investigative journalism. Up and running for over seven seasons, this podcast never fails to outdo itself when covering stories like “The Annihilator,” “Blood Feud,” and “Tiger Woman.”

Letters from Sing Sing podcast art

Letters from Sing Sing

Listen to ‘Letters from Sing Sing’

In “Letters from Sing Sing,” NBC News investigative producer Dan Slepian dives into Jon-Adrian “JJ” Velazquez’s story – a man who maintained his innocence for the 20 years he has spent in prison for murder. Learn more about this 1998 murder case and how he hopes to be exonerated in seven episodes.

My Life of Crime with Erin Moriarty podcast art

My Life of Crime with Erin Moriarty

Listen to ‘My Life of Crime with Erin Moriarty’

48 Hours correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates true cases on “My Life of Crime.” In the third season, hear about Clark Rockefeller’s cons, a Baptist preacher accused of staging his wife’s suicide, a young mother killing her ex-husband out of alleged self-defense, and more in over 40 episodes presented by CBS News Radio.

White Lies podcast art

White Lies

Listen to ‘White Lies’

Chip Brantley and Andrew Beck Grace host NPR’s second season of “White Lies.” This season covers what happened when Cuban detainees commandeered a federal prison in Alabama asking for freedom in 1991. These men were immigration detainees from Cuba, and none were in prison for a particular sentence. The podcast also dives into immigration, indefinite detention, a secret list in 1984, and “a betrayal at the heart of our country’s ideals.”

Culpable podcast art


Listen to ‘Culpable’

“Culpable” investigates a different unsolved case each season where justice has not fully been served. Season two investigated pregnant 22-year-old Brittany Stykes’ death in 2013 when she and her daughter Aubree were shot while driving in Brown County, Ohio. Almost 10 years later, the murder is still a mystery, and her family continues to advocate for justice. Season one looked into Christian Andreacchio’s death that was ruled a suicide in 2014 after law enforcement’s investigation. But as evidence might suggest, was he murdered?

Cold Case Files podcast art

Cold Case Files

Listen to ‘Cold Case Files’

“Cold Case Files” is hosted by Paula Barros and based on A&E’s Emmy-nominated series. The podcast covers some of the most challenging cases that ran cold. Check out over 230 episodes about sharing survival stories, gruesome murders, disappearances, and reopened cases.

Bone Valley podcast art

Bone Valley

Listen to ‘Bone Valley’

On “Bone Valley,” Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gilbert King and producer Kelsey Decker investigated Michelle Schofield’s case from 1987. Three days after she was reported missing, her abandoned car and body were found near a freeway in a canal. Michelle’s husband, Leo, was convicted for first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Leo still maintains his innocence and has been in prison for 34 years despite new evidence. Stream this 9-episode podcast to hear what the investigation unearthed.

Paper Ghosts In Plain Sight podcast art

Paper Ghosts

Listen to ‘Paper Ghosts’

iHeart True Crime’s “Paper Ghosts” is in its third season, hosted by investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling true crime author M. William Phelps. Hear about Tammy Jo Zywicki’s 1992 murder after her abandoned vehicle was found near a highway. Her body was found 500 miles away and this podcast examines the police’s investigation, potential suspects, and new information in hopes of bringing closure to the community.

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