Phil Chalmers’ interviews with incarcerated serial killers often lead to ‘Where the Bodies Are Buried’

True Crime October 7, 2021
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What better way to learn about serial killers than from serial killers themselves? “Where the Bodies are Buried” is the first true crime podcast of its kind, now in its second season, filled with disturbing conversations and shocking revelations from killers that often lead to find out, as the title suggests, where the bodies are buried.

Criminal profiler and serial killer expert Phil Chalmers hosts the series to delve into killers’ psyches by conducting interviews with incarcerated psychopaths. We hear from killers’ disturbing perspectives, and the show’s producers Samantha Gutstadt and Adam Kaloustian who join in the conversations.

Phil has a unique advantage with the relationships he has developed in the prison system and law enforcement. One might even say he fosters “friendships” with the killers, enabling them to feel comfortable sharing gruesome details of their terrible crimes.

Season 2

This season’s ten episodes will include teen killer Robert Bever who murdered his family, “The Copycat Zodiac,” “The Werewolf Butcher,” and more.

“The Soul Sucker”

The second season’s first episode speaks with Garland Milam, known as “The Soul Sucker,” and we hear grisly details of his crimes, leading to how he turned himself in. He received two life sentences for strangling two people over the course of two days in Antioch, California.

Garland takes listeners for a creepy walk through his earliest memories and the chaotic nature that followed him as he killed. We hear about the mental, physical, and sexual abuse he suffered. Listeners hear about his struggle with homelessness, mental health issues, substance abuse, and how he got “high” from killing souls.

Garland was a drifter, and the first time he thought about murder was when he turned 18. At that time, he was already on the streets for around 2 years, after going from family members’ homes to foster families who would abuse him. We learn about how he staked out a cave and almost killed his aunt after his mother died. And he shares his history of killing goats. Garland discusses his marriage, divorce, and travels, all while being homeless, before killing.

Both victims were Garland’s homeless acquaintances. We learn disturbing details such as why he killed. Garland said he told his first victim, a “Bible thumper,” it was “time to die” after he said he had evidence the guy slept with his gal. He used his belt to fasten a noose to strangle him “until his eyes exploded” in under four minutes. On the second victim, Garland used a chain dog leash. Brutal. This episode also details what the FBI now defines as “serial killing,” and how Garland falls into this category.

Season 1

In the first season, Phil spoke with David Berkowitz “Son of Sam,” “The Interstate Strangler,” a school shooter, and William “Clyde” Gibson, who killed at least 33 people and provided information that helped solve a cold case.

“Where the Bodies are Buried” is an Audio Up and Grinning Dog production, with new episodes available this fall.

Listen to ‘Where the Bodies Are Buried’

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