Take a journey into the underworld with these 10 true crime podcasts about the mafia, mobsters, and other notorious criminals

True Crime March 15, 2022

We’re probably all guilty of imagining the world of organized crime as something straight out of The Godfather. Some heavy New York-Italian accents here, some unescapable familial ties there, some horse heads in bed around the corner – you know what we’re talking about. Maybe we’re all into Peaky Blinders now though, who knows. But our assumptions may be right like with the incredible violence and mass amounts of money and easily-corrupted politicians. Let’s all take a journey into the real world of organized crime with these 10 podcasts about the mafia.

We have series covering it all, from podcasts like “Kingpins” introducing us to a new underground crime syndicate each episode, to serialized podcasts like “Mob Queens” exploring one woman’s life both on the surface and entangled with organized crime. All of these podcasts tell the legends of notorious mobsters, even the stories you didn’t know that have mafia ties, like “Missing in Alaska.”

Check out our list of 10 can’t-miss podcasts about the mafia:

Deep Cover: Mob Land

Listen to ‘Deep Cover: Mob Land’

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jake Halpern hosts “Deep Cover: Mob Land” about normal people who lead secret lives of deception in the dark underworld of society. Speaking with convicted criminals and federal agents, so far Halpern has followed a lawyer helping bring down a criminal syndicate and an FBI agent who went undercover with a biker gang, only to find trails that led to the U.S. invasion of a foreign country.

Dirty Rats

Listen to ‘Dirty Rats’

“Dirty Rats” is a true crime podcast about two powerful brothers: Bill Bulger, president of the Massachusetts state senate, and Whitey Bulger, one of Boston’s most terrifying crime bosses and a criminal on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. It’s a story filled with murder, police intimidation, and the two sides of crime who both capitalized on their powerful positions in society.

Missing in Alaska

Listen to ‘Missing in Alaska’

iHeartPodcasts’ “Missing In Alaska” may not seem like a podcast about the mafia or mob, but trust us, it’s that and so much more. Journalist Jon Walczak lets us tag along on his investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Congressmen Hale Boggs and Nick Begich, whose plane vanished in Alaska in 1972. Their bodies were never found, and a nation embroiled with war in Vietnam and the Watergate scandal quickly moved on. Two decades later, the FBI received a startling claim from a known mafia-tied murderer and bomber: the Congressmen’s plane was actually bombed. “Missing In Alaska” asks some shocking questions. Did FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover murder the two men? Or was it the Tucson mafia who believed they were owed something? Find out in “Missing in Alaska.”

Mob Queens

Listen to ‘Mob Queens’

We can’t let the men have all the fun. “Mob Queens” is one of the most unique podcasts you’ll ever hear. This is the story of Anna Genovese, a New York drag club maven and mob wife, from two best friends obsessed with her legacy. Hosted by Jessica Bendinger (writer of Bring It On) and Michael Seligman (writer on RuPaul’s Drag Race), the two piece together Anna’s story, which weaves its way through speakeasies, mob informants, and former drag queens. But they find out that Anna is far more than they bargained for and discover things about themselves that they perhaps want to keep hidden.


Listen to ‘Kingpins’

Parcast’s and Cutler Media’s “Kingpins” follows the rise and fall of the underworld’s ruthless leaders. They dive deep into underground crime rings, examining the way money and power lead to corruption, how these rulers rise to the top, and how they are subsequently toppled by either friends or foes. From the Acid King to Granny Evil, to even the Kennedy family, “Kingpins” has been at the top of their game since 2013.

Mafia Tapes

Listen to ‘Mafia Tapes’

“Mafia Tapes” explores the history of the notorious DeMeo Crew and their once-trusted associate Dominick Montiglio. Montiglio was once at the center of this dangerous mafia crew, but through actual audio tapes from Montiglio, we can hear how this story isn’t all that it seems. It’s the story of a man caught in the middle of good and evil in his own words.


Listen to ‘Mafia’

Audioboom’s “Mafia” explores the history of American organized crime through its most notorious and deadly figures. Al Capone, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Jimmy Fratianno, Don Vito, and more are explored throughout the seasons, along with the attorneys and cops who brought them down (if they were brought down, that is). “Mafia” has over 50, half-hour long episodes about a wide range of gangsters. When it comes to podcasts about the mafia, this show can’t be missed.

Mobbed Up: The Fight for Las Vegas

Listen to ‘Mobbed Up: The Fight for Las Vegas’

From back alleys and bank vaults to the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip, “Mobbed Up: The Fight for Las Vegas” looks into the rise and fall of the gangs that once ruled the desert city. From the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Mob Museum, hear what Las Vegas used to be before the glitz and glamor from the people who were there: ex-mobsters, law enforcement, politicians, and journalists. This podcast is two seasons of 35-minute long episodes.

The Underworld Podcast

Listen to ‘The Underworld Podcast’

Journalists Danny Gold and Sean Williams know that there is an underground network barely visible to the public that is pulling strings affecting all of our lives. They’ve reported on dangerous people and organizations for years, and now they are taking listeners on a global tour of mobsters, warlords, and crooks. From Glasgow’s Ice Cream War to Colombia’s Narco-Soccer, “The Underworld Podcast” brings us into the thick of it all.

Infamous America

Listen to ‘Infamous America’

“Infamous America” is the ultimate historical true crime podcast. Filled with the legends of notorious mobsters, criminals, gangsters, assassins, and the manhunts to find them, this Black Barrel Media podcast is filled with gripping histories that need to be heard to be believed.

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