Possible foul play, cover-ups, and mysterious deaths: 9 true crime podcasts reinvestigating cases like ‘What Happened to Sandy Beal’

True Crime April 6, 2022

In iHeartPodcasts’ “What Happened to Sandy Beal,” journalist Melissa Jeltsen investigates if an 18-year-old’s 1977 death was a suicide. The teen, who aspired to join law enforcement, was found shot in her car. With inconsistencies in the case, Sandy’s mom, Joanne, asked police to reinvestigate. This series is diving deep into Sandy’s life, cover-ups, conspiracies, and we’re learning more about the case in new, weekly episodes.

If you’re a true crime fan and want to hear more stories like “What Happened to Sandy Beal,” we’ve selected 9 podcasts you might also enjoy. Many of these shows reinvestigate unsolved cases where victims died by mysterious circumstances.

Gone South

Gone South

Listen to ‘Gone South’

C13Originals’ “Gone South” shares Margaret Coon’s story, a sex crimes prosecutor killed in her affluent, Louisiana neighborhood. One day, she was found dead on the side of the road, sustaining one stab wound in her back. The case remained unsolved, and in this series, journalist Jed Lipinski investigated who killed Margaret Coon. All episodes are now streaming.

Detective Trapp podcast art

Detective Trapp

Listen to ‘Detective Trapp’

Investigator Julissa Trapp is “Detective Trapp,” working on complex cases in Anaheim, California’s homicide division. When a young woman’s body is found at a trash-sorting facility, Trapp discovers this murder could be linked to three other women’s disappearances in Santa Ana. Detective Trapp sets out on a dark journey for answers. This series is presented by Wondery and hosted by Christopher Goffard, whose additional podcast credits include “Dirty John.”

To Live and Die in LA podcast art

To Live and Die in LA

Listen to ‘To Live and Die in LA’

To Live and Die in LA” examines 2 different missing person cases in 2 seasons. Actress Adea Shabani lived in Hollywood and went missing in 2018, and her body was later found. Rolling Stone journalist and host Neil Strauss and producer Alex Vespestad followed new leads and identified suspects, including Adea’s boyfriend, and tried to figure out what happened.

Season 2 examined 20-year-old student Elaine Park’s disappearance who was last seen leaving her boyfriend’s apartment complex. Her abandoned car was found in Malibu. To work on the case, Neil rounded up an investigative squad filled with his neighbors, his ex-wife Ingrid De La O, guitarist/songwriter for the band Incubus Mike Einziger, and concert violinist Ann Marie Simpson.

Down the Hill podcast art

Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders

Listen to ‘Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders’

In 2017, 2 girls were murdered in Delphi, Indiana. Investigators searched for the killer with a piece of evidence found on one of the girl’s phones, a recording of a man’s voice ordering the girls “Down the Hill.” In this 10-episode series by HLN, learn more about the victims, Abby Williams and Libby German, and what the investigative team found when they arrived in Delphi.

Bonaparte podcast art


Listen to ‘Bonaparte’

New York City attorney Anne Champion received an unexpected phone call 25 years after her friend, Laura Van Wyhe, was killed. Laura’s body was found on the side of the road, and the case remained unsolved. Anne returned home to Iowa with this new information and followed new leads in Imperative’s 10-episode series, “Bonaparte.”

The Yellow Car

Listen to ‘The Yellow Car’

Effie was a daycare owner and mother of two. In 1989, she was shot to death outside of her apartment, and a suspect was sent to prison for 16 years. Effie’s daughter, Pooneh Gray, believed the wrong person was convicted of the crime and spent 31 years investigating. Pooneh worked with private investigators, lawyers, and forensic experts to tail the organization she is convinced killed her mother. With new evidence and DNA technology advancements, they are close to finding the real killer. “The Yellow Car” is presented by VAULT Studios.

Over My Dead Body podcast art

Over My Dead Body

Listen to ‘Over My Dead Body’

In 2015, Joe Gliniewicz, a local cop nicknamed “GI Joe,” was shot to death in a Fox Lake swamp. His death was nationally covered in the media and called a hero until investigators dug into his life and uncovered secrets from his dark past. Who pulled the trigger? This podcast delves into this case and how the town dealt with corruption, betrayal, and the pool of lies “GI Joe” left behind.

Murder in Alliance podcast art

Murder in Alliance

Listen to ‘Murder in Alliance’

In 1999, 26-year-old Yvonne Layne was found murdered in her Ohio home. Her ex-boyfriend and father of one of her children, David Thorne, was named a suspect. David was tried, convicted, and sentenced to life without parole for murdering Yvonne. In “Murder in Alliance,” journalist Maggie Freleng is re-investigating Yvonne’s murder with Jason Baldwin, a wrongfully-convicted member of the West Memphis Three. Baldwin now runs an organization called Proclaim Justice. They believe a cover-up or botched investigation initially happened, and David was wrongfully convicted. This series is presented by Obsessed Network.

Grim Tide: Hunting the Long Island Serial Killer podcast art

Grim Tide: Hunting the Long Island Serial Killer

Listen to ‘Grim Tide: Hunting the Long Island Serial Killer’

For years, dead bodies and body parts have been found near Suffolk County, New York’s beaches. In “Grim Tide: Hunting the Long Island Serial Killer,” Fox News’ senior correspondent, Laura Ingle, shares new information pertaining to these unsolved murder cases. It’s an ongoing mystery with over 10 victims, believed to be the crimes of a serial killer or killers. Many of the victims were sex workers. In this series, hear how new technology is used to break the case at the Suffolk County Crime Lab. In an episode, Laura also spoke with Paul Holes, the investigator who helped solve the Golden State Serial Killer case.

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