7 podcasts like ‘Fake Heiress’ to stream if you’ve watched Anna Sorokin’s story on Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’

True Crime October 6, 2022

If you’ve already binged the podcast about Anna Sorokin, “Fake Heiress,” tuned into Netflix’s Inventing Anna, heard about Sorokin’s recent prison release, and cannot wait to hear more scam-laden true crime stories, we’ve rounded up a list of podcast recommendations with tales similar to the life and lies Anna Sorokin created.

Tune in to hear about the Hollywood Con Queen who preyed on Hollywood hopefuls, opportunists who trudged down sinister paths to get their way, and experts who investigate scams. There are companion episodes in podcast form for Netflix’s The Tinder Swindler, and Podsauce favorite “Scam Goddess” topped our list. We’ve included shows interviewing con artists and victims, exploring the destruction left in their wake.

The Opportunist podcast art

The Opportunist

Listen to ‘The Opportunist’

What happens when regular people become sinister, operate with ulterior motives, and seize the moment to let their darkness emerge? Kast Media’s “The Opportunist” shares stories of people turning into scammers, thieves, cult leaders, and more each season, hosted by Hannah Smith. Stream the series’ 30+ episodes from part one of each opportunist’s story. Hear about serial scammer Candace Clark, Sheryl Ruthven calling on followers to create “Eva’s Eden” cat rescue cult/con operation, and small-town doctor Kim McMorries’ secrets revealed in 2019. All episodes run under an hour.

You Can't Make This Up podcast art

You Can’t Make This Up

Listen to ‘You Can’t Make This Up’

Simon Leviev, a.k.a. Shimon Hayut, is known as The Tinder Swindler as investigated in the Netflix documentary. “You Can’t Make This Up” goes beyond the documentary and interviews its filmmakers, the swindler’s victims, and those who knew him before his crimes ramped up. Simon constructed elaborate ruses, finding women on Tinder and wooing them with a false, wealthy identity before extracting money from them. Stream the 4 companion episodes to The Tinder Swindler now, running under 45 minutes each.

Chameleon Hollywood Con Queen podcast art

Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

Listen to ‘Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen’

“Chameleon” covers a different sketchy character (or characters) each season. Hosts Josh Dean and Vanessa Grigoriadis tracked the Hollywood Con Queen in season one, a shady person preying on Hollywood hopefuls’ dreams since 2013. This con artist would impersonate film industry executives, gave folks gigs that did not exist, and extracted money from the victims along the way for “expenses.” Season 2 explored an undercover FBI investigation of diet clinic owner Emile Bouari. Will and Tom Green’s unbelievably wild story is shared in season 3. This podcast is by Campside Media.

Pretend podcast art

Pretend – a true crime documentary podcast

Listen to ‘Pretend – a true crime documentary podcast’

From Creative Babble comes “Pretend – a true crime documentary podcast” about scammers, con artists, and people pretending to be someone they’re not. Host Javier Leiva has produced over 100 episodes, running under an hour each. Hear interviews with people like Jack Barsky, a sleeper agent who worked undercover for the Soviet Union for 10 years. There are over 100 episodes on topics like cults, COVID-19 scams, ransomware negotiating, and more.

Scam Goddess podcast art

Scam Goddess

Listen to ‘Scam Goddess’

Laci Mosley hosts “Scam Goddess” and invites listeners to join the “con”-gregation with episodes all about grifters, con artists, elaborate hoaxes, fraudsters, and more. Laci will also break down “historic hoodwinks” in some weekly episodes, running under 90 minutes on average. Since 2019, Earwolf’s series has released over 60 episodes.

American Greed podcast art

American Greed Podcast

Listen to ‘American Greed Podcast’

CNBC presents the “American Greed Podcast,” hosted by actor Stacy Keach. Hear episodes on Elizabeth Holmes and the Theranos trial, Joel Greenberg’s crimes from fraud to sex trafficking, former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann, and one of the “greatest” thieves in the world, Jho Low, accused of planning a $4 billion heist from Malaysia’s government. Stream over 60 episodes in any order, running 40 minutes each on average.

The Perfect Scam

Listen to ‘The Perfect Scam’

AARP’s “The Perfect Scam” is hosted by Bob Sullivan, sharing scam victims’ stories in weekly episodes. We’ll also hear about professional con artists and experts who expose scammers’ operations. Episodes covered an “Instagram Hijacking Scam,” “Miami Property Scammers,” and Medicare fraud with former doctor Farid Fata. Stream the episodes from part one of each narrative. Since 2018, the series has released over 120 episodes, running under 45 minutes on average.

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