Try Guys address the Ned Fulmer drama on ‘The TryPod’

Comedy October 7, 2022
The TryPod
Listen to ‘181: ok, let’s talk about it.’ on ‘The TryPod’

The TryPod” hosts have survived the wild, baked without recipes, swam with sharks, and lived to tell the tale when risking their lives for content. Now in the aftermath of Ned Fulmer’s scandal and firing from The Try Guys, the guys are grappling with a personal, professional, and emotional tsunami as explained in a recent podcast episode.

On September 27, Ned admitted to a “consensual” affair with a fellow employee. After an internal workplace investigation, Ned was removed from the company, and this news went viral on the Internet.

In a recent 71-minute podcast episode, Try Guys Zach Kornfeld and Keith Habersberger sat down with their producer Miles Bonsignore to unpack what happened after learning about Ned’s actions. Zach said, “It really rocked our world, but also the ramifications were so clear. I don’t think that I really ever stopped to emotionally process it. Even still, I don’t know that I have. Because it was just, ‘OK, we have to act. We have to go. This thing happened, how do we react accordingly?’ I understood the severity of the accusations against Ned, but also the laundry list of steps ahead.” 

Keith shared, “We just learned a lot about how difficult it is to navigate things like this at all, let alone properly. It’s really challenging. There’s a lot of people to consider. There’s a lot of legal issues to consider.” 

Zach and Keith said this chain of events has felt like a breakup, and they are grieving. They shared what it was like to break the news to their company, 2nd Try, LLC, the tricky scenario they were in, and how they avoided putting themselves at risk or leaving the company open to any lawsuits.

The Try Guys are now editing Ned out of videos and other content. For future iterations of the podcast, Zach and Keith explained they are rebranding and said Eugene Lee Yang is not really keen on joining the podcast regularly.

Of the issue at hand, the guys learned a valuable piece of information. As many news outlets ran the story, Zach said they realized “the impact that our content… had on so many people and it touched part of their lives.” 

Zach explained, “We have prided ourselves for the last eight years on being undramatic boys, and I can’t wait to go back there. This whole f****** circus is not interesting to me and not what I ever want to be defined as, as a creative person.”  

To learn more about the Ned scandal and how The Try Guys are handling the situation, listen to the full podcast episode.

Listen to ‘181: ok, let’s talk about it.’ on ‘The TryPod’

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