‘Two Sentence Horror Stories: The Official Podcast’ is a companion listen to the CW series on Netflix, hosted by Danielle Radford and Megan Rosati

TV & Film February 25, 2022
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Listen to ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories: The Official Podcast’

The CW and Netflix’s Two Sentence Horror Stories is an anthology series in its third season, a must-watch for fans of inclusive storytelling and hair-raising plots that integrate social and cultural issues. If you’ve binged the first two seasons and you’re digging the latest episodes, you might enjoy the companion podcast, “Two Sentence Horror Stories: The Official Podcast” hosted by Danielle Radford and Megan Rosati. Episodes go behind-the-scenes with interviews and explore the social themes broached through storytelling. The podcast’s guests include the show’s diverse creators, cast, crew, culture critics, horror experts, change-makers tackling today’s issues, social activists, and more.

“Two Sentence Horror Stories: The Official Podcast” has released over 10 episodes this year. If you’re familiar with the TV show, start the podcast in any order. All episodes run less than an hour and new episodes are posted weekly.

On a recent episode of Podsauce, Danielle and Megan chatted with hosts Alesha and Dax about their love of horror and the sorts of interviews listeners can expect on the podcast. Danielle and Megan unpack each episode, analyze the social and cultural issues highlighted, and draw real-world comparisons. Be on the lookout for Easter eggs throughout the TV show’s episodes, as we learned from Danielle and Megan that there are many sprinkled throughout.

The series creator, Vera Miao, stopped by episode 8 with “Plant Life” writer Stephanie Adams Santos, Reboot and Recover’s founder Dr. Stephanie Diez-Morel, and Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick. “Heirloom” director Dubois Ashong joined the hosts on episode 9 to discuss violent racism in the Pacific Northwest and why he was drawn to the series. Horror Noire’s Dr. Tananarive Due was also on this episode to talk about Black horror and more.

Writer/director Chase Joynt joined the hosts on episode 1 to share about filming season 3’s episode, “Toxic.” He explained how they fended off bears from set while shooting in the woods at night. Chase discussed premiering his film, Framing Agnes, at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. Later in the episode, Josué Argüelles, Director of Youth Initiatives at A Call to Men, talked about men holding each other accountable and fostering healthier relationships with their masculinity.

On episode 2, listeners can hear an interview with twins and directors Sam and Kailey Spear. They shared about creating creepy dolls for the TV show’s episode 3. Then, drag performer and filmmaker Peaches Christ explained why camp and horror are a great match.

We can’t recommend this series enough! Tune into “Two Sentence Horror Stories: The Official Podcast” wherever you listen to your favorite shows. If you’d like to hear Podsauce’s chat with Megan and Danielle, check out our interview.

Listen to ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories: The Official Podcast’

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