UFOs, vanishing planes, a mysterious vortex, and more unexplained phenomena in ‘The Alaska Triangle’

Science August 1, 2022
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The Travel Channel presents “The Alaska Triangle,” audio versions of the popular TV series. Episodes explore a remote area notorious for unexplained phenomena and mysterious events, shared by experts and eyewitnesses, trying to uncover what’s really happening in this region.

We’ll hear about Bigfoot sightings, alien abductions, paranormal activity, vanishing airplanes, and more through firsthand narratives and eyewitness accounts. The podcast talks to locals and experts to examine a new case each episode.

Start “The Alaska Triangle” in any order with the average episode running less than 40 minutes.

Mount Hayes, the highest mountain in the eastern Alaska Range, is speculated to hold many secrets. On a podcast episode, an eyewitness shared video footage of extraterrestrial activity in Fairbanks, Alaska. A UFO hunter searched for activity and flew over Mount Hayes to look for any proof of a secret underground alien base.

In another episode, a cryptozoologist searched for scientific evidence of Bigfoot. Experts researched an unexplained vortex of energy in the Alaska Triangle that could be the cause of unexplained disappearances and paranormal sightings. Episode 3 examined a case from 1950 when an airplane carrying 44 military personnel vanished.

In 1918 near Juneau, Alaska, the SS Princess Sophia went off course, crashed into a reef, sunk, and killed everyone on board. An episode looked for answers and a ghost hunter attempted to contact the potential entity that is said to have caused the crash. Hear about the Curse of the Kushtaka and a haunted building where an angry spirit allegedly attacks hotel guests in Juneau, Alaska.

This series mixes retellings of historical events with firsthand accounts. We recommend this series for fans of podcasts like “Somewhere in the Skies,” “Bigfoot Collectors Club,” and “Unsolved Mysteries.”

The podcast brings direct audio from “The Alaska Triangle” on Travel Channel. Tune in weekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Alaska Triangle’

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