Unearth nightmarish tales with Jack Luna in true crime podcast ‘Dark Topic’

True Crime September 29, 2021
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11:59 Media presents “Dark Topic,” a true crime podcast digging into disturbing stories from around the world. Host Jack Luna immerses listeners in nightmarish experiences with no-frills storytelling, scrupulously packing episodes with bone-chilling narration and details. Listening to this podcast will remind you to double check your doors are locked at night and validate your paranoia, as these scary stories will “hold you close in an itchy blanket.”

With episodes ranging from 15 minutes to an hour long, “Dark Topic’s” stories cover serial killers, school shootings, and more real tales of horror.

One of the first modern serial killers, “Bluebeard of Quiet Dell”

In the 1930s, Harry Powers preyed on women looking for love. Using a rolodex of aliases, Harry would place and scout lonely hearts adverts in papers and started correspondences with women looking for prospects. Over time, Harry catfished the women as they fell over swoon-worthy love letters, promising wealth and love. They were lured into long-distance relationships, and eventually visited Harry in Virginia. Or he visited them.

Little did they know, Harry would woo the women, steal their money, lock them in a murder dungeon, and kill them. Beyond the mass-murdering, Harry was actually married, and unbeknownst to his wife, a shop owner, he was able to secure the money needed to fund the torture chamber.

When hopefuls would show up at Harry’s home, sometimes with children, he would place them in the torture chamber and force them to sign documents handing over any assets they had. After swindling whatever he could, Harry would kill them. After an anonymous tip, Harry was arrested and received the death penalty in 1932. The 1950s film The Night of the Hunter is based on Harry’s life. His story is widely-known as one of the first modern serial killers in America.

Jack and his brother Leroy both podcast!

Podcasting and a penchant for true crime run in the Luna family. Jack’s brother Leroy hosts the true crime podcast, “Excuse Me, That’s Illegal.” Leroy recently stopped by Podsauce to speak about covering small-time crime on “Excuse Me, That’s Illegal” and sang praises for “Dark Topic.” Leroy was inspired by his brother’s show.

Jack also hosts “The 9-1-1 Calls Podcast with The Operator,” a show interviewing a 9-1-1 dispatcher about grisly calls received on the job. On episodes, The Operator and Jack will replay and discuss audio from the calls, then make a contrasting, heartwarming phone call that might make you smile. Jack also contributes to “True Crime Kent,” a podcast hosted by “redneck historian” Kent Chungus.

Tune in monthly for new episodes of “Dark Topic.”

Listen to ‘Dark Topic’

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