‘V Interesting’ with TikTok star V Spehar breaks down news and interviews guests like Ashley Flowers, Ricki Lake, and Hank Green

News November 25, 2022
V Interesting with V Spehar
Listen to ‘V Interesting with V Spehar’

From Lemonada Media comes “V Interesting with V Spehar,” a news commentary podcast hosted by the popular TikToker V Spehar. V’s channel, @underthedesknews, has 2.4 million+ subscribers and posts 60-second videos recapping the day’s news, current events, analyzing politics, and sharing special interest stories.

In twice weekly podcast episodes, V Spehar will break down the news and spark ideas through witty conversations. This series will “make you the most well-informed and ‘v interesting’ person in any crowd” with episodes running less than an hour on average. The standalone episodes can be streamed in any order.

Tuesday’s episodes shed light on lesser known stories that were overshadowed in the latest news cycle. V’s approach is positive, insightful, and thorough in episodes tackling top headlines and news you might have missed. On Fridays, V takes a deeper dive into major issues and important topics that do not have one finite solution. Video versions of Friday’s episodes are posted on YouTube.

In episodes, V chats with guests like true crime podcaster and author Ashley Flowers, iconic talk show host/actor/podcaster Ricki Lake, host Ellen Scanlon, VidCon founder/author/entrepreneur Hank Green, and podcast host/comedian Jamie Loftus – just to name a few.

In September, V shared an anecdote from when they visited President Biden at the White House and what happened when his guests gathered in the Roosevelt Room.

In addition to podcasting and creating content, V is a leadership coach, visioning expert, equity program auditor, emcee, and more. V champions LGBTQ+ leadership in policy and food spaces and is a founding board member of the Queer Food Foundation & Rainbow Families. They support the 4ward Project and crisis text line, an important resource for those needing support.

“V Interesting with V Spehar” is presented by Lemonada Media. Tune in twice weekly wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘V Interesting with V Spehar’

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