‘Vigilante’ search-and-rescuer Tim Miller believes he has found his daughter’s killer

True Crime June 24, 2022
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Tim Miller has a reputation for finding anyone. As a search-and-rescuer in Dickinson, Texas, he has found 300+ missing people. But for over 38 years, a mystery has loomed – who murdered his daughter, Laura? Tim has searched for his daughter’s killer and believes he has finally identified the perpetrator.

In “Vigilante,” investigative journalist, private investigator, and host Allie Conti speaks with Tim and we learn about his decades-long obsession with this case. Along the way, and as Allie is about to interview the suspect, she wonders if she is just another pawn in one of Tim’s vigilante missions.

Stream this 5-part, bingeworthy, and complex series from the beginning with all episodes less than an hour on average.

In the past, Tim has falsely accused several people and put his current girlfriend in a potential serial killer’s line of fire. Allie, with her newly-acquired private investigator’s license, was intrigued with Tim’s story and headed to Texas to hop on the case. Throughout the series, we’ll hear conversations with Tim and learn about his sometimes questionable detective methods where, in his world, violence and trauma are normalized.

On the podcast, Tim shares his theory about what happened to Laura. Tim thinks she was the victim of a serial killer and at one point, he was driving around with pistols and threatened to kill the alleged killer to seek revenge. Instead, Tim investigated and acquired boxes of evidence he thinks are enough to put the killer behind bars. Allie will lend her expertise, comb through evidence, and learn details.

Tim described the suspect and what they surprisingly both have in common. This leads Allie to wonder if serial killers are born or bred. Tim told Laura about his background, his family, and his daughter leading up to the murder. A bad case of measles left Laura with brain damage, and she first attempted suicide at age 11. He discussed why his family moved to Texas in hopes of improving their family’s quality of life amidst hardship. Laura went missing when she was 16. Tim connected her disappearance to another victim who was last seen by the same payphone (it was the ’80s), and additional female victims.

You won’t want to miss “Vigilante,” presented by Kast Media. All episodes will be released over the next few weeks.

Listen to ‘Vigilante’

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