Serial Productions’ ‘We Were Three’ looks into a father’s shocking death as a result of COVID-19 paranoia

Society & Culture October 20, 2022
We Were Three
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From Serial Productions comes “We Were Three,” a 3-part series by “This American Life” producer Nancy Updike. This is a family story examining lies, America, what COVID-19 showed the world, and what the pandemic destroyed.

Last year, Rachel McKibbens was shocked to receive a text message from her brother, Peter, telling her their father had just died from COVID-19. This was news to Rachel, since she had no clue he was sick. Peter told Rachel that he and their father had been sick with COVID-19 for weeks. Rachel learned that both Peter and their father were unvaccinated, and the two became afraid of vaccines during the pandemic.

Peter did not seek medical attention and avoided telling Rachel what was going on until their father passed away. While on the phone, Rachel convinced Peter to go to the hospital, but he went against medical advice and left shortly after checking in. Peter lied to Rachel and said his health was improving. Peter, a healthy 44-year-old, soon died before Rachel could visit him. In this timeframe, Rachel was shocked that she was not kept in the loop of her family members’ lives during their last months.

After Peter’s death, Rachel dug deep and uncovered what Peter was up to during his last few weeks. Rachel was floored by how much she did not know about her father and brother’s last couple of months. Rachel leafed through Peter’s texts on his phone to learn more about her family members’ final days.

On “We Were Three,” Rachel shares her family’s story and brings listeners back to her childhood. Raised in a family of three – her brother, her father, and herself – Rachel explained how violent her father became. Rachel details how her life differed from her brother’s after leaving home while he stayed behind.

Rachel spoke with her father’s girlfriend, and they uncovered her father’s increasing isolation and paranoia before his death. They combed through Rachel’s father’s home in search of answers and listeners will learn what she found on the podcast.

All 3 episodes of “We Were Three” are now streaming wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘We Were Three’

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