A religious cult, a baby, and a decades-old murder case: reporter Cristina Corbin investigates on ‘What About Holly?’

True Crime November 10, 2022
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In the winter of 1981, Heidi the German Shepherd spotted a human arm and found decomposed bodies in the woods near Houston, Texas. The man was beaten to death and the woman died from strangulation. The victims remained unidentified for 40 years and forensic anthropologists called the pair Romeo and Juliet, joining hundreds of other anonymous murder victims in the early 1980s.

In 2021, genetic genealogists identified the married couple. Before their death, 21-year-old Harold Dean Clouse and 17-year-old Tina Gail just moved with their daughter from Florida to Texas. It is unclear why the couple was murdered and who killed them. Their daughter, Holly, who would be 42 years old today, was nowhere to be found.

Reporter Cristina Corbin hosts Fox Audio’s “What About Holly?” and examines the case. In her nationwide travels, she interviewed the victims’ family members, law enforcement (including members of Harris County Texas Sheriff’s Office), and learned new information. Cristina spoke with the religious cult at the crux of this mystery, accessed police case files, autopsy reports, crime scene photos, and more, leading to bombshell revelations about this case.

Start this 9-episode series from the beginning to hear the case’s history and learn about the new leads Cristina uncovered. In episode 5, the family headed to the woods where the bodies were discovered. The podcast shares what an unsealed birth certificate revealed in episode 6, and later on, there’s an “unexpected reunion.”

The podcast also dives into life inside a cult, how Holly was allegedly brought to an Arizona church by women who said they were part of a religious group, and more. We’ll learn what role the women in white robes played in these events and hear from 1 firsthand.

Listeners of true crime podcasts like “Was I in a Cult?,” “Solvable,” and “Bear Brook” might also enjoy “What About Holly?”

Listen to ‘What About Holly?’

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