TikTok star shares comedic sketches and fever dreams on ‘What Fresh Hell Is This? With Stanzi Potenza’

Comedy February 22, 2022
Listen to ‘What Fresh Hell Is This? With Stanzi Potenza’

TikTok star Stanzi Potenza presents original sketches and funny observations, taking listeners on a “cursed comedic journey that will fuel your nightmares and make you blush.” In addition to the new podcast series, Stanzi has created social media content since 2019 and boasts over 2+ million followers on TikTok. The NYC-based comedian has acted for 20 years and works on creative projects like a merch store and music.

Tune in on Thursdays for new episodes of “What Fresh Hell Is This? With Stanzi Potenza.” The episodes can be streamed in any order. The “fever dreams” last less than 20 minutes a pop.

The first episode shared part one of “Dr. Maltese and Mildred McJenkins,” a tale about a doctor and his scary handmaid. They also shared observations on time slots set for reading “smutty web comics” and explored what a hook-up between Twilight‘s Edward Cullen and Roz from Monsters Inc. would sound like, and it’s slimy.

A recent episode opened a portal and travelled to Hell with Satan and his assistant. Can Noah the missionary leave Hell alive? Stanzi unpacked the Omegaverse’s origins in Supernatural fandom, shared some breaking news “about all of the twisted smut you’ve been reading,” and did a skit inspired by it. The Hell-bent podcast stories are based on worlds and characters they’ve introduced in TikTok skits, and in a recent episode, they addressed some of the comments they received on social media.

If you’ve been following Stanzi on social media for a while or are looking for short comedic bursts, this podcast is for you. Stanzi’s comedy style ranges in variety, covering politics, pop culture, current events, and some more niche categories. Fans of TikToker Tyler Gaca’s podcast, “Ghosthoney’s Dream Machine,” might also enjoy this series.

“What Fresh Hell Is This? With Stanzi Potenza” is presented by Pod People. Check out the podcast and Stanzi’s social media pages for more skits and content.

Listen to ‘What Fresh Hell Is This? With Stanzi Potenza’

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