Whitney Cummings has the laugh-out-loud moments you’re looking for on ‘Good For You,’ featuring a slew of celeb favorites

Comedy April 27, 2022
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Honestly, we were surprised to learn that Whitney Cummings’ “Good For You” podcast has only been around since 2019. It feels like it’s been around forever, in a good way. It’s woven itself so seamlessly into the fabric of top-tier podcasts, we can’t believe it’s barely two years old! But, we guess that’s what happens when you’re world-class comedian Whitney Cummings.

On her podcast, she’s interviewing people a variety of different disciplines — comedians, actors, musicians, social media stars, authors, and reality television stars have all sat down in the studio for a long chat with Whitney.

As we said, “Good For You” has been pumping out content since the end of 2019. There are over 130 episodes featuring nearly 130 different guests (Nikki Glaser is perhaps Whitney’s most guested-guest, appearing on the pod four times now) who talk about anything from pop culture to personal experiences.

Episodes are typically lengthy, sometimes two hours long, but as she says in the podcast description, they are truly never too long. In fact, once you start listening you may wish they were longer.

If you’ve somehow never heard of Whitney Cummings, then we are going to try really hard not to ask how you managed that. She’s released four comedy specials with Comedy Central, HBO, and Netflix, created the smash CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls, and even wrote a chapter in Tim Ferriss‘ book.

“Good For You” stands out from other comedy interview podcasts for a number of different reasons, but particularly because of Whitney’s interview style. Sometimes hosts can get lazy when interviewing interesting and uber-famous people, but not Whitney.

Every single episode is fresh, funny, and surprisingly vulnerable. Obviously, Whitney consistently has us pausing to catch our breath, but in every episode, you’ll learn a lot about a variety of different people. From comedy legend Bobby Lee to Schitt’s Creek star Emily Hampshire to Tony freaking Hawk, Whitney has a way of letting you fall in love with each and every one of her guests.

Actually, her recent episode with Emily Hampshire is a great example of that. While many of us know her as the apathetic, deeply sarcastic Stevie from Schitt’s Creek, on “Good For You,” she and Whitney form an unexpected connection over being highly sensitive control freaks. Emily told Whitney that she texted Dan Levy, Gigi Gorgeous, and Sarah Gilbert the night before her interview out of mostly fear since she’d never met Whitney and had no idea what to expect.

They somehow bond over anal bleaching, which brings them around to talking about how nobody watched Schitt’s Creek until it ended, which brings them back to anal bleaching before they dive into Emily’s new fictional narrative podcast The Beautiful Liar. They chat about their love for foley artists and sound design, Whitney commenting that she never new she’d love fictional podcasts until she began listening to Emily’s. It’s surprisingly sweet, delightfully funny, and all around an interview we never wanted to end.

As we stated earlier, you can hear at least four great episodes from fellow comedian and most guested-guest Nikki Glaser. Dan Levy has also made multiple appearances on the podcast. Just looking through episodes of “Good For You,” we can all but promise that someone’s name will strike your fancy. How about Hillary Duff? Miranda Cosgrove? What about Jay Shetty?

She’s had on the downright hilarious Taylor Tomlinson, Kesha, Amanda Knox, Trixie Mattel (we highly suggest this episode), and Fortune Feimster. You can also hear from former Bachelorette Katie Thurston or Love Is Blind season 1 cast member/TV villain Jessica Batten.

“Good For You” is the overwhelmingly positive, funny, and star-studded podcast you’ve been searching for. Not only will you broaden your horizons when it comes to talented and inspirational humans, but you’ll find loads of unexpected vulnerability paired with gut-busting tangents.

We even listen all the way through her ads, Whitney’s that entertaining. Be sure to check out “Good For You” so you don’t miss out on any of the goodness.

Listen to ‘Good For You’

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