Hey, Upper East Siders! ‘XOXO with Jessica Szohr’ is for ‘Gossip Girl’ fanatics, featuring interviews with Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, and more

TV & Film March 9, 2022
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From iHeartPodcasts comes “XOXO with Jessica Szohr,” a podcast delving into the iconic show, Gossip Girl, that ran from 2007-2012. Following a group of Manhattan’s elite living on the Upper East Side, the original show centered on the characters’ drama and was narrated by the anonymous blogger known as Gossip Girl.

On the podcast, Jessica will share behind-the-scenes stories, memories from shooting, and interview cast and crew members. Episodes will also feature moguls from entertainment, music, fashion, and more. Jessica played Vanessa Abrams on the show for 4 seasons and was a guest in season 6. Jessica and guests will share how Gossip Girl influenced culture and changed their lives.

Start the series in any order, with episodes running under an hour. Gossip Girl creators and executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage joined two episodes of the podcast. In part one, they discussed casting Manhattan’s elite, the BBQ that led to Jessica’s role on the show, and using bad press as a marketing tool. Part two continued a conversation about filming in New York City (and Paris), awesome music on the show, and 2021’s sequel with a new cast. The re-make is also narrated by Kristen Bell as Gossip Girl.

Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald) joined Jessica in a recent episode to share about the first time they met, favorite memories, rooftop parties with Ed Westwick, and playing Nate and Vanessa. Kelly Rutherford (Lily van der Woodsen) spoke with Jessica about being a mom on set, on- and off-screen family dynamics, and the glorious fun they had playing dress-up in Gossip Girl’s fashion closet.

Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) shared why he was almost not allowed to work on the show and dished on Chuck and Blair’s chemistry. Casting director David Rapaport talked about casting everyone from Leighton Meester to Ed Westwick, and what changing your hair can do for your acting career. David shared that he opted out of a different major network show for Gossip Girl which, at the time, was a tiny pilot for the CW network.

For behind-the-scenes takes of Gossip Girl, tune in for new, weekly episodes of “XOXO with Jessica Szohr.”

Listen to ‘XOXO with Jessica Szohr’

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