‘The Simpsons’ voice actress Yeardley Smith chats with detectives who broke small town crimes on the podcast ‘Small Town Dicks’

True Crime June 30, 2022
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Paperclip Ltd.’s “Small Town Dicks” covers lesser-known crimes in American small towns. Hosts Yeardley Smith (who voices Lisa Simpson on The Simpsons) and identical-twin detectives Dan and Dave unpack criminal investigations and chat with the detectives who broke each case. They’ll share stories and exclusive audio clips, like suspect interviews, 911 calls, and jailhouse phone calls.

Tune in to hear detectives’ firsthand case accounts involving predators, murders, violent stand-offs, drug investigations leading to international crime syndicates, and more.

Now in its 10th season, stream “Small Town Dicks” standalone episodes in any order, running less than an hour on average. The podcast has been going strong since 2017, with over 150 episodes to stream in its archive.

Smith stopped by Podsauce to talk about her interest in true crime and what led to the series. She also dished on her meet cute with Detective Dan who was assigned as her personal security detail during a Simpsons event in a small town. They wound up dating for 2 years before the podcast existed.

On the podcast, Smith wants to know how detectives do their jobs and solve crimes. Smith told Podsauce about her interview with Paul Holes, the detective who broke the Golden State Killer case and co-hosts the podcast “Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad.” In his recent memoir, Unmasked, Holes shared his history investigating cold cases and shared anecdotes from his extensive career.

Smith explained that some detectives choose to keep their last names and towns anonymous on the podcast to protect themselves. Detective Dan and Detective Dave also explore their experiences on episodes. In May, Detective Dave shared what it was like to investigate a hit and run, quickly peeling back the multi-layered case involving an alcohol-flowing house party and a young girl who was inappropriately touched.

For more with Smith, tune into Podsauce’s interview. Check out new, weekly episodes of “Small Town Dicks” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Small Town Dicks’

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