‘You Don’t Know Jack’ documents the DOJ’s investigations of Trump

News December 7, 2022
Listen to ‘You Don’t Know Jack’

MSW Media presents “You Don’t Know Jack,” a podcast examining the Department of Justice’s investigations of Trump, co-hosted by Andrew McCabe (former Deputy Director of the FBI) and Allison Gill (creator of “Mueller, She Wrote,” a podcast for all things Special Counsel). Andrew and Allison are teaming up to document the investigations and sharing updates on this new series.

Andrew was involved in getting Robert Mueller appointed to Special Counsel in 2017. Jack Smith serves as Special Counsel in the Donald J. Trump investigations. This case looks into holding classified documents at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and for the January 6, 2021 insurrection.

Along with an array of guests, Andrew and Allison will dive into letters, court filings, strategies, and measures taken to bring listeners through the Special Counsel process that could indict Donald J. Trump. They also intend to share relevant news in weekly episodes that run less than 70 minutes on average.

Stream “You Don’t Know Jack” from episode 1 to hear all relevant background information, learn more about the investigation, and Jack Smith. In this series, Andrew and Allison explain who Jack Smith is, what Special Counsel does, the duties, and the differences between the conditions in this situation and in the Mueller investigation. We’ll also learn what makes this Special Counsel different.

On the first episode, Andrew and Allison explained how the current Special Counsel, Jack Smith, differs from the previous Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, “in terms of scope and purview.” With Hugo Lowell, the co-hosts examined the 11th Circuit’s ruling in the Special Master case. They also discussed Richey factors and jurisdiction as well as what happened when two Pats testified separately. Stay tuned for the episode’s myth-busting portion when the co-hosts unpacked Congress’ “new ability to choke funding to the investigation”

Tune in weekly to stream new episodes of “You Don’t Know Jack.”

Listen to ‘You Don’t Know Jack’

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