Afraid of vomit, demonic possessions, or hairless tails? ‘Your Weirdest Fears’ examines your rational and irrational fears

Society & Culture October 17, 2022
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What would happen if you were stalked by subway rats? Or if you developed a phobia of beards? Do you ever worry about accidentally chopping your fingers off when slicing vegetables? Audacy’s “Your Weirdest Fears” is examining rational and irrational scenarios like these and sharing how you would hypothetically survive. In this daily lighthearted series, host and journalist Larry Mullins also chats with experts to understand the rationality behind such fears, phobias, and the likelihood of these things happening in real life.

Larry doesn’t want to hear about everyday fears like spiders and dogs. Instead, he is looking for your oddest fears – the ones you might be hesitant to publicly announce. Hear about fears like demonic possession told by a person who underwent exorcisms. Another guest is most afraid of scaffolding falling on your head when walking outside, and we’ll learn about statistics behind these kinds of injuries.

Stream the podcast’s episodes in any order with the average release running less than 10 minutes. In the podcast’s trailer, Larry shared some of the scariest experiences he survived as a journalist such as the time he was covering a DEA bust when the suspect walked over to his undercover van with a glock in his hand. Larry once covered a story in a morgue when a body behind him moved. Yikes!

On an episode, self-proclaimed “ratologist” Dr. Robert Corrigan joined Larry to discuss the fear of rodents and why the critters’ tails are most important.

We learn about Aubrey’s fear of cutting her fingers when chopping veggies, a fear that is a statistically-proven hazard. Knife expert and cutler Jay Fisher joined this episode to share anecdotes of proper knife usage, how dangerous they can be, and plenty more knife-related info.

Did you know that a fear of vomit is called Emetophobia? Alex Manning struggles with emetophobia and avoids the subway late at night in case late-night revelers start vomiting in public. Psychotherapist Anna Christie sat down with Larry to explain her experiences with the illness, why it’s common in America, and how she teaches people “to stomach their fear forever.”

If you’d like to share your fear, email Larry at Tune in daily for new episodes of “Your Weirdest Fears” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Your Weirdest Fears’

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