Hailey Elizabeth brings chilling true crime stories from YouTube to ‘Behind You’

True Crime July 25, 2022
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True crime YouTuber Hailey Elizabeth joins the podcast space with “Behind You,” a spine-chilling weekly series. Hailey brings her signature storytelling style to episodes, sharing true crimes like murders, disappearances, unsolved mysteries, and unexpected tales.

Stream the series in any order with standalone episodes running less than an hour on average. Since May 2022, new episodes drop on Tuesdays. For visual versions of each episode, tune into Hailey’s YouTube channel covering crimes like “The Beauty Queen Killer,” “The Teen Mom Killer,” and how predator Rex Allen Krebs got 36 days behind bars and turned into a murderer after his release.

On a recent episode, Hailey discussed 18-year-old Matthew De Gruchy’s murders. After an alleged argument with his mom after she denied his request to use her car, Matthew killed his family. The next day, a neighbor and Matthew found his mom, sister, and brother dead. The bloody crime scene and fingerprints did not match Matthew’s robbery claims.

Texan and popular homecoming queen Darlene Gentry spent thousands of her husband’s dollars on her appearance. One night, Keith Gentry told Darlene her spending habits were out of control; they were in debt and needed to budget. Keith was shot in bed, and Darlene tried to find a way clear her name of murder.

In another episode, hear Shirley Goodnight’s story. Seemingly well-liked by all, Shirley had an enemy named Marlene Johnson. Marlene had a secret obsession and believed Shirley was cheating with Marlene’s husband. Marlene hired private investigators, and they confirmed an affair was not happening, yet Marlene manipulated others and found herself on trial for murder.

There’s a disturbing episode about 17-year-old Junko Furuta who was held captive by Hiroshi Minyano, Shinji Minato, Yasushi Watanabe, and Jo Kamisaku. The Misato, Japan resident was raped and tortured by these 4 boys and later died. Shockingly, some perpetrators walked free while others received 20 years.

“Behind You” is presented by We Are Verified. Tune in weekly wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Behind You’

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