EXTENDED: the anonymous and elusive ‘American Vigilante’ leaves true crime listeners wondering if his alarming stories are real

February 11, 2022

In this week’s extended interview with “American Vigilante” host Sam Walker, former BBC journalist, shared why she was compelled to share this anonymous man’s true crime story that might leave listeners wondering whether he’s summarizing unreleased plots to a Jack Ryan or Jason Bourne movie. KC goes beyond the law to right wrongs and save abducted children. He leads a team for rescue missions and assassination attempts, seeking revenge and redemption, righting wrongs, and saving people.

Dax and Alesha had so many questions since they listened to the KC’s incredible stories, and they question if he’s telling the truth. Even after interviewing KC for over 50 hours, Sam herself wonders if his stories are legit.

KC maintains his anonymity, and Sam said he’s like the doppelgänger of demigod Maui in Moana, voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Sam loves podcasting as a storytelling medium and asks all the burning questions listeners want to know about KC in “American Vigilante,” a Crowd Network production.

Alesha and Dax learned how Sam was introduced to KC. When her family moved to Arizona from the UK, they had a dispute with their landlord. A third party heard of the threatening situation and recommended KC to “fix” the problem and take the landlord out to the desert. Although Sam was shocked to learn about KC’s line of work, she wanted to speak with him to learn his story. Episodes take listeners on an objective journey to decide whether to believe for themselves, instead of imposing her thoughts on the audience. Sam wonders if KC was not such a compelling storyteller, would we believe him more?

Alesha listened to episode 5, “Knock Knock,” all about KC’s experience with the Mexican Mafia. He tells of how he was hired to take down a drug house near his son’s school, explaining why he refused to wear a bulletproof vest for this operation. Sam shared what sorts of granular details she left out of episodes’ final cuts.

In terms of audience feedback, Sam has received mixed opinions on KC. Some believe he’s a true hero, others (mostly men on Twitter and some military vets) message her with lengthy reasons why she should not believe anything KC says. Check out the series to decide for yourself.

It’s fascinating to hear KC’s moral code, and Sam shared what KC said would happen if anyone came after his family, which might remind listeners of Dexter. Sam shared that KC allegedly only hurts people who have caused harm to others. Since the podcast’s release, Dax asked if people have contacted Sam to directly connect with KC for help with their problems.

Sam shared her podcast picks including her other podcast, “Sam Walker’s Desert Diaries,” chronicling her move from Britain to the wild west. She followed Elizabeth Holmes’ trial in “The Dropout” and tunes into “How Did We Get Here?” and “The Adam Buxton Podcast.” We also learned that Sam is a huge Beatles fan and adored Paul McCartney’s chat on “The Adam Buxton Podcast,” episode 144.

Tune into Podsauce’s extended interview to learn more about KC and Sam. If you’d like to check out Sam’s podcast picks, we’ve listed and linked them below:

Sam Walker’s Picks

American Vigilante

American Vigilante
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Sam Walker’s Desert Diaries

Sam Walker's Desert Diaries
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The Dropout

The Dropout
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How Did We Get Here?

How Did We Get Here?
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The Adam Buxton Podcast

The Adam Buxton Podcast art
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