‘Beat the Streak Daily: Inside the Hits’ host Matt Spiegel shares how you can win $5.6 million with MLB sports betting

June 29, 2022

Matt Spiegel joined Podsauce to unpack “Beat the Streak Daily: Inside the Hits,” a podcast giving listeners daily doses of MLB news, baseball history, game recaps, virtual hitting streaks, and highlights from the sports betting game Beat the Streak. Matt talked about the art of hitting a baseball and why baseball is such a companion sport.

In episodes less than 10 minutes on average, host Matt and guests share strategies and leaderboards. Toward the end of each episode, Matt doles out game advice and picks for bettors ranging from longtime players to newbies.

Matt, a Beat the Streak newbie, says he’s “on fire” since he started playing and shared his highest streak – 11. The object of the game is simple: if you hit, you start your streak, and if you miss, your score resets to 0. If you hit 57 or more times in a row, you win $5.6 million! You can play Beat the Streak in the MLB Play app.

In 1941, Joe DiMaggio hit in 56 straight games, and although players have gotten painfully close, no one has beaten it since. This is why Beat the Streak‘s prize money is $5.6 million. 2 years ago, a player got to 51 and lost.

The game has been around for 20 years, and no one has won, likely because hitting a baseball is one of the hardest sports activities, according to Matt. He shared statistics about players like Ted Williams, the best hitter of all time who primarily played for the Boston Red Sox.

Matt shared he enjoys listening to “The Athletic Baseball Show” podcast featuring interviews, trivia, game analytics, predictions, and more.

Tune in daily for new episodes of “Beat the Streak Daily: Inside the Hits,” presented by Audacy.

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Beat the Streak Daily: Inside the Hits

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The Athletic Baseball Show: A show about MLB

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