Rebekah Sebastian shares the true crime truths found on ‘DIE-ALOGUE’ that other podcasts don’t tell you

April 13, 2022

Podsauce welcomed back true crime podcast host Rebekah Sebastian for another episode. Last season, Rebekah told Podsauce all about her show, “Criminality.” This spring, Rebekah told Alesha and Dax about “DIE-ALOGUE,” covering the most compelling aspects of true crime in conversations with fellow true crime podcasters and folks from the field – from investigators to lawyers and law enforcement, survivors, psychologists, and more.

“DIE-ALOGUE” challenges the genre’s tropes and dives into the ethics of true crime content. Rebekah believes humans have been fascinated with death since the beginning of time and says the true crime genre gives people a safe way to explore atrocities and hear stories of human resilience and devastation.

Dax asked Rebekah how she maintains a positive attitude with all the true crime content she produces, and she explained her hefty self-care routine including reality TV.

In “DIE-ALOGUE,” Rebekah doesn’t focus on cases’ gruesome details. Episodes search outside the mainstream media’s true crime narrative to examine the motives, learn from experts’ points of view, and never shame victims or glorify the perpetrators. The series unpacks how or if the crime was preventable and how we can apply this knowledge in the future.

Rebekah groups “DIE-ALOGUE’s” episodes into multi-part, themed series and observes trending cases. She has seen true crime fans’ interests gravitating toward white collar cases like Elizabeth Holmes and Anna Sorokin. She finds intriguing angles no one has talked about yet and speaks with a diverse assortment of guests.

In March, “DIE-ALOGUE’s” series was titled “Missing, Murdered, + The Media” to share true crime we’re not hearing every week – specifically stories about women of color. Every guest for this series is a woman of color from different backgrounds: a professor, a journalist, and a creator join Rebekah to tell their sides of the story and how we can raise awareness for cases that receive minimal news coverage.

Rebekah shared her true crime podcast picks including “Chameleon: Wild Boys” and “Twin Flames.”

Dax’s Hollypod this week is an entertainment and celeb podcast, NPR’s “Bullseye with Jesse Thorn.” Episodes interview creators, critics, and celebs. Dax listened to Hannah Waddingham’s episode, the actress who recently won an Emmy Award for Ted Lasso and previously starred on Game of Thrones.

Alesha found out her friend and former Girl Code colleague, Annie Lederman, has a podcast which she enthusiastically recommends. The comedy series, “Trash Tuesday,” is a cross between Girl Code and Seinfeld where Annie co-hosts with Esther Povitsky and Khalyla Kuhn for hilarious and unapologetic convos with folks on sex, relationships, and more.

On a segment called “It’s Just A Really Good Podcast,” Alesha picked the history podcast, “What Happened To…?,” diving into ideas, things, and events that existed then faded away, like Blockbuster.

Rebekah Sebastian’s Picks

DIE-ALOGUE: a true crime conversation

DIE-alogue podcast art
Listen to ‘DIE-alogue: a true crime conversation’

Twin Flames

Twin Flames podcast art
Listen to ‘Twin Flames’

Chameleon: Wild Boys

Chameleon: Wild Boys podcast art
Listen to ‘Chameleon: Wild Boys’


Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

Listen to ‘Bullseye with Jesse Thorn’

Alesha’s Pick

Trash Tuesday

Listen to ‘Trash Tuesday’

It’s Just A Really Good Pod

What Happened To…?

Listen to ‘What Happened To…?’

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