‘Ex Appeal’ hosts Jenn Lahmers and Julien Marlon dish on being friends with exes and their podcast’s cringiest episode

December 15, 2021

On this week’s episode of Podsauce, “Ex Appeal” hosts and real-life exes Jenn Lahmers and Julien Marlon stopped by to discuss their society & culture/relationships podcast. Alesha and Dax had plenty of excellent questions lined up for their chat. In this interview, Jenn and Julien shared what they’ve learned about each other since they started the podcast, which episode was the cringiest to record, and why Jenn asks her partner to avoid listening to the series.

Before the interview, Alesha shared her True Crime Fix podcast pick, “The Clearing,” from Pineapple Street Studios and Gimlet. In this 8-episode series, hear about 40-year-old April who knew there was something going on with her father when she discovered he was a murderer. 30 years after the murders occurred, April’s father was arrested, and Alesha was fascinated with this story.

Dax shared his comedic pick, “10ish Podcast,” a weekly series sharing top 10 lists where any topic is fair game for ranking. Dax mentioned several episodes including the highest grossing films from 2000-2009, best-selling video games, worst U.S. presidents, and deadliest animals. In the “top 10 careers with the most psychopaths” episode, Dax asked Alesha for some list predictions, similar to the format of the “10ish Podcast” hosts, and Alesha was spot on with many of her guesses. Dax shared some of the jobs listed in this episode including CEOs, surgeons, lawyers, and TV/radio personalities.

We learned a lot from Jenn and Julien’s interview. Dax and Alesha congratulated Jenn on her pregnancy. You might recognize Jenn from Extra, and Julien from films like Holidate. Hurrdat Media’s “Ex Appeal” has released over 20 episodes since September 2020, and the hosts’ dynamic is unique since they stayed friends after ending their relationship. After their breakup, they realized they wanted to stay in each others’ lives as friends and openly discussed life and relationships. During the pandemic, Julien and Jenn turned their discussions into a podcast all about dating culture.

In “Ex Appeal” episodes, Jenn and Julien debate topics, share their views, and they’re joined by experts to share data on topics like intimacy. Jenn and Julien liked Dax’s idea for a future episode based on their pet peeves.

On Podsauce, Jenn and Julien shared how it was initially weird for their current partners to understand Jenn and Julien’s friendly rapport and how their friendship has evolved over time.

Later on, Alesha shared her educational pick, “Stuff You Should Know,” for listeners who want to know a bit about everything. Alesha and Dax like to share random tidbits instead of small talk and recommend “Stuff You Should Know” for lifelong learners. Hear about a variety of topics like champagne, Satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, the theory of LSD, and more, with over 1,850 episodes to choose from.

And that’s a wrap! Tune into the full episode to hear more from Jenn and Julien! Check out all podcasts mentioned below:

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Ex Appeal

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Dax’s Pick

10ish Podcast

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Alesha’s Pick

Stuff You Should Know

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True Crime Fix

The Clearing

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