Leroy Luna is a hardcore fan of softcore crime in his series ‘Excuse Me, That’s Illegal’

September 29, 2021

On this episode of Podsauce, “Excuse Me, That’s Illegal’s” Leroy Luna chatted with Alesha and Dax about true crime, Canada, recording at home, and his favorite episodes. We all know Alesha and Dax are fans of true crime, and Leroy’s podcast totally suits their tastes.

Before chatting with Leroy, Alesha shared her pick of the week, QCODE’s scripted podcast called “Unwanted.” This series follows two slackers attempting to catch a convicted murderer to snag reward money. This series stars Lamorne Morris as Ben, Billy Magnussen as Grant, and Jamie-Lee O’Donnell as Shelly. You’ll likely recognize Lamorne’s voice from playing Winston on New Girl. Dax is reminded that Billy Magnussen stars in the new Aladdin movie. Alesha teases she might appear in an upcoming episode of “Unwanted.”

“Excuse Me, That’s Illegal” covers smaller offenses that are engagingly delivered with Leroy’s sarcasm and wit. And he’ll often throw on goofy voices to share Yelp reviews of businesses where the crimes occurred. Dax said that these portions of Leroy’s episodes are often his favorite. Alesha asks how Leroy selects a drink of choice to enjoy while recording each episode.

Leroy decided to start his own podcast after appearing on his brother’s true crime show, “Dark Topic,” which is also one of his podcast picks. Leroy developed a great interest in true crime, but wanted to veer in a different direction from other true crime podcast releases. Leroy’s second podcast pick is “Heist Podcast” about criminals and investigations.

Dax asks Leroy about the funniest episode he has recorded so far. Colorado Springs’ Mad Pooper tops his list, a jogger who targets a neighborhood as her “own personal dumping grounds.” Leroy said the toilet paper company Charmin tweeted and invited the Mad Pooper to turn herself in to police in exchange for a free supply of toilet paper.

Alesha and Dax recommended “Okay, Now Listen” for fans of “The Read” in their If You Like This, You’ll Like That segment.

Watch Podsauce’s latest complete episode with Leroy Luna for more banter, laughs, and podcast fun.

Alesha’s Pick


Listen to ‘Unwanted’

Leroy Luna’s Picks

Dark Topic

Listen to ‘Dark Topic’

Heist Podcast

Listen to ‘Heist Podcast’

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