Calling all music lovers! ‘Follow Your Dream’ podcast uncovers musicians’ little-known childhood dreams

April 26, 2022

Now in his 60s, Robert Miller rocks out with his jazz-rock fusion band, Project Grand Slam, and took action over the years to fulfill his lifelong dream. His passion for music moved to the back burner as his life unfolded, and he got back to music in his 40s. Robert is all about “the journey, not the destination.” He encourages everyone to take baby steps toward goals and offers tips to avoid regrets later in life.

Like the podcast’s title suggests, Robert encourages y’all to “Follow Your Dream,” too. Since 2021, Robert hopes to inspire and motivate people with the 80+ episodes he’s released because he believes everyone has a dream. Robert also weaves his original songs into episodes that somehow relate to the guest or topics discussed with fellow musicians and other creatives.

Robert told Podsauce about some of his favorite episodes, including interviews with radio personality Cousin Brucie, who introduced The Beatles on stage at Shea Stadium in the 1960s. Robert chatted with Ted Nugent of Motor City Madman and treated listeners to a masterclass, interview, and concert all in one episode. Some of Robert’s episodes are more serious and carry a message, like the episode based on his original anti-gun song, “Tree of Life,” in response to a mass shooting.

Robert started his podcast to connect and broaden his reach beyond social media’s confines. Some episodes are all music-based. In the middle of interviews, he’ll have song-fests and ask musicians about their favorite tunes and will sometimes perform live.

In terms of dream guests, Robert would love to interview Paul McCartney and Billy Joel. Robert cites several heroes he’s been fortunate to interview so far, including Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark Farner and Felix Cavaliere from the Young Rascals.

On the podcast, Robert talks to guests from a musician’s POV and views his guests as peers. By asking unique questions, he hopes to share different aspects of their personalities other interviews might not capture. Robert is sure to ask everyone what their childhood dreams were and hears fabulous answers.

On one episode, an ex-advertising executive (who now runs a CBD company) dreamed of becoming an Egyptologist in her youth. Robert “throws schtick” into every episode and shared the example of tying in Steve Martin’s “King Tut” and The Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian.”

Lastly, Robert shared he listens to Reena Friedman Watts’ interview podcast, “Better Call Daddy.”

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Follow Your Dream

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