Melissa Rivers considers what kind of podcast her mom, the late Joan Rivers, would have

October 13, 2021

On this very exciting episode of Podsauce, Alesha and Dax chatted with hosting extraordinaire Melissa Rivers about her show, “Group Text with Melissa Rivers.” But before the interview, our hosts shared their picks.

Alesha’s Murder Most Foul recommendation came from watching Steve Martin on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Steve said he binged “Casefile” during the pandemic. It’s a go-to for true crime junkies, and you can tune into any case, out of order. Alesha recommends the two-episode case, Case 161: “The Yosemite Sightseer Murders.” Alesha loves the immersive sound experience and the wildly fascinating true crime stories “Casefile” has to offer.

Dax’s podcast pick was recommended by “We Regret to Inform You: The Rejection Podcast” host Terry O’Reilly who appeared on Podsauce over the summer. Dax started listening to “The Score: Bank Robber Diaries” where “Beirut Bandit” Joe Loya discusses robbing 30 banks over 14 months before getting arrested. Later in the episode, Dax shares his Odd Pod: “The Box of Oddities.”

Dax and Alesha are both huge fans of Melissa Rivers and listen to her podcast for real, wide-ranging conversations. In this interview, we learn why Alesha and Melissa pretend The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel doesn’t exist. Dax appreciates how hilariously unfiltered Melissa is, and he says honesty is the greatest approach to bring to podcasting. Melissa couldn’t agree more!

Melissa loves to let her excitement for people and topics shine on the podcast and in her red carpet interviews. Alesha shares that she was so captivated by Melissa’s conversation with Michele McPhee that she was late for work. Dax enjoyed listening to Melissa’s connection with Gayle King on her episode. Melissa talks about asking the proper questions during interviews, without crossing any lines, specifically when talking to friends who are also in the ‘biz.

When it comes to the must-listen episodes of “Group Text with Melissa Rivers,” Melissa herself recommends “Gayle King,” “Olympics with Summer Sanders,” and “When Insomnia Strikes… Again!

Melissa explains why her interview with gold medal-winning swimmer and sportscaster Summer Sanders was notable and timely, right after The Olympics. And Melissa discussed the kind of rip-roaring podcast her mother, Joan Rivers, would have if she was around today. Melissa dished about her upcoming book, Lies My Mother Told Me: Tall Tales from a Short Woman.

Naturally, Melissa shared her podcast picks: “Against the Rules with Michael Lewis” and “Revisionist History.”

And that’s a wrap! Check out the full episode with Melissa Rivers, and see below for the complete list of picks.

Murder Most Foul


Listen to ‘Casefile’

Dax’s Pick

The Score: Bank Robber Diaries

Listen to ‘The Score: Bank Robber Diaries’

Odd Pod

The Box of Oddities

Listen to ‘The Box of Oddities’

Melissa Rivers’ Picks

Against the Rules with Michael Lewis

Listen to ‘Against the Rules with Michael Lewis’

Revisionist History

Listen to ‘Revisionist History’

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