Ben Affleck? Matt Damon? Red Sox podcast ‘Inside the Monster’ hosts share the A-list fans they’d like to have on

Uncategorized May 27, 2022

“Inside the Monster” hosts Joey Copponi and Steve Perrault joined Podsauce to dish on their Red Sox podcast. The hosts are thrilled to work with Audacy and the Red Sox for exclusive access and interviews with the team.

On the field and in the clubhouse, they’re chatting with players, club personnel, reporters, and others from the organization all season long. Joey and Steve talked about partnering with Audacy, the MLB, why they started the podcast, and shared their dream A-lister guests for future episodes.

Steve talked about Audacy’s huge radio reach across the country and his previous experience with Boston’s sports station, WEEI. Steve and Joey are super passionate about baseball and the Sox, and they shared how much fun they have on the podcast. Steve and Joey can be honest and critical on episodes, even though they’re affiliated with the team.

Prior to “Inside the Monster,” Steve hosted a different Red Sox podcast for 7 years. To kickstart “Inside the Monster,” the hosts headed to Ft. Myers for spring training and have been posting new episodes since.

Steve talked about the kind of energy and community Red Sox fans bring to games and explained why Fenway Park is a family-friendly atmosphere.

The hosts are working on getting A-lister Red Sox fans on the podcast, and Alesha suggested Matt Damon. Last year, Jack Harlow was at Fenway Park, and they would have seized the opportunity to interview him if the podcast existed. Lots of celebs attend games at Fenway Park, and Steve hopes to spot Ben Affleck at an upcoming game. Joey’s dream guests include the entire Wahlberg family.

Joey and Steve shared their podcast picks and as podcast creators, they listen to shows that aren’t similar to “Inside the Monster.” Joey listens to “The Always Sunny Podcast” and “The Last Podcast on the Left.” Steve tunes into the film podcast, “The Rewatchables” and loves The Ringer’s programs.

Dax shared this week’s Done in a Day pick, “Sympathy Pains,” a 6-episode podcast about a person who lied about having illnesses and issues to get more than just money.

Alesha’s Health is Wealth pick is “Maintenance Phase,” which debunks health fads, “junk science,” and nutritional advice.

Lastly, Dax’s podcast pick is “Before Breakfast,” with bite-sized advice on time management and answers to listeners’ questions.

Steve and Joey’s Picks

Inside the Monster

Inside the Monster podcast art
Listen to ‘Inside the Monster’

The Always Sunny Podcast

The Always Sunny Podcast
Listen to ‘The Always Sunny Podcast’

The Last Podcast on the Left

The Last Podcast on the Left
Listen to ‘The Last Podcast on the Left’

The Rewatchables

The Rewatchables podcast art
Listen to ‘The Rewatchables’

Health is Wealth

Maintenance Phase

Maintenance Phase podcast art
Listen to ‘Maintenance Phase’

Done in a Day

Sympathy Pains

Sympathy Pains podcast art
Listen to ‘Sympathy Pains’

Dax’s Pick

Before Breakfast podcast art
Listen to ‘Before Breakfast’

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