Lisa Lampanelli shares how she ended up on a podcast with two aspiring comedians

November 3, 2021

This week the legendary and downright hilarious Lisa Lampanelli joined Podsauce (and reunited with Dax) in a gut-busting episode all about her podcast “Losers With A Dream with Lisa Lampanelli.” The retired comedian has still got it, because this episode will have you cackling like a hyena as the “Queen of Mean” spares no one in her roasts.

But first, Alesha and Dax have been doing some serious digging, bringing you their podcast picks of the week. Alesha’s got another Murder Most Foul for us, recommending Parcast’s “Disappearances” for your next true crime binge. Not only does Alesha appreciate that host Sarah Turney is trying to bring awareness to the cases they cover, but it’s also bringing to our attention ways that we can protect ourselves and our loved ones. Turney is still seeking justice for her missing sister and helping families of other victims by telling their stories.

For Dax, his pick of the week is “Raiders of the Lost Podcast,” which gets Indiana-Jones-superfan Alesha stoked. And don’t worry, they aren’t only talking about Harrison Ford – “Raiders of the Lost Podcast” is a film review podcast covering new releases, old classics, and even putting blockbusters head-to-head. They share film news, react to trailers, and do features of director, discussing their unique careers and the films that truly encapsulate their style.

Okay, back to Lisa. Dax is absolutely electrified to have Lisa on Podsauce: the two know each other from his reporting days at TMZ, becoming fast friends on the red carpet. He loved getting roasted by “The Queen of Roast,” and when he heard she had a new podcast, he had to get her on.

Lisa cohosts “Losers With A Dream with Lisa Lampanelli” alongside comedians Beau McDowell and Nick Scopoletti, two friends who were introduced to Lisa by her niece. Not only does she think they are hilarious, but they are genuine and vulnerable with each other about so many various topics, that Lisa had to suggest making a podcast. She loves that they are not “bro-y,” as she puts it.

On that note, Dax praises their episode “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now,” leading to a discussion about jealousy, bad feelings, and knowing that you are not always your first thought. Lisa cites a Harvard study about judgment, saying that from six months old, we are wired to judge people as a survival mechanism, but in the 21st century, that’s not a mechanism we need anymore. Alesha, Dax, and Lisa get into a conversations about the continuous work of bettering themselves, and mixing that with the humor of “Losers With A Dream.”

Speaking of, Lisa was recently on Dax’s other podcast “Hollywood Raw,” talking about her life, comedy and the art of roasting. Just a shameless little plug there. She was also recently on “The Minimalists Podcast,” discussing the concept of less is more and that removing things from your life is almost always more beneficial than continuously adding.

Into Lisa’s favorite podcasts, she talks about the aforementioned “The Minimalists Podcast,” and gushes about “The Nikki Glaser Podcast.” She talks about how admirable and vulnerable Nikki is to be talking about topics like eating disorders, low self-esteem, and confidence, something that women in comedy weren’t talking about while Lisa was performing.

And to wrap it all up, Podsauce’s last segment is If You Like This, You’ll Like That, where Dax and Alesha think that if you like “The Daily Show Ears Edition” then you may like “Beyond The Scenes,” which is a backstage look at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Whew, what an episode. To check out all of the podcasts mentioned in this episode, just keep scrolling down on this page.

Alesha’s Pick


Listen to ‘Disappearances’

Dax’s Pick

Raiders of the Lost Podcast

Listen to ‘Raiders of the Lost Podcast’

Lisa Lampanelli’s Picks

Losers With A Dream with Lisa Lampanelli

Listen to ‘Losers With A Dream with Lisa Lampanelli’

Hollywood Raw Podcast

Listen to ‘Hollywood Raw Podcast’

The Minimalists Podcast

Listen to ‘The Minimalists Podcast’

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

Listen to ‘The Nikki Glaser Podcast’

If you like ‘The Daily Show’ you’ll like ‘Beyond The Scenes’

Listen to ‘Beyond The Scenes’

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