‘Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein’ host shares the most impactful guest he’s interviewed on his podcast

December 31, 2021

Michael Stein from “Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein” stopped by Podsauce for an exclusive interview. Michael told Dax and Alesha why he considers himself a long shot, the kinds of stories he highlights on his podcast, and what it means to overcome obstacles. Michael also shared the most impactful guest he has interviewed, and how he decides if potential podcast guests are interesting enough to have on the show.

Michael comes from a long lineage of persevering long shots. His grandma escaped a Russian concentration camp and his dad was a homeless street kid who became a multi-millionaire. Michael faced adversity and was diagnosed with special needs as a kid. He shared how he didn’t find success until realizing he could make people laugh and started performing standup comedy at age 19. Through comedy and on his podcast, he shares what he knows in transparent conversations with guests by baring his soul and wants to create the kind of podcast he’d be eager to listen to.

With over 140 episodes, Michael started the podcast in 2021 and releases daily episodes averaging an hour in length. Dax listened to the episode about a lady who died in labor and came back to life. Alesha was fascinated with Robert Greene’s episode about his book, The 48 Laws of Power, which has been one of Michael’s favorite reads since 2001.

Alesha and Dax asked Michael who some of the most fascinating guests have been so far, and he encourages listeners to hear the episode with 92-year-old Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser. Michael shared another standout episode, interviewing a wrongfully jailed person exonerated by DNA evidence.

Michael shared his podcast picks including “WTF with Marc Maron, “Entrepreneurs on Fire,” “Social Media Marketing Podcast,” and “Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips.”

That’s a wrap! Check out our complete interview with Michael Stein and scroll down to see all podcast picks.

Michael Stein’s Picks

WTF with Marc Maron

Listen to ‘WTF with Marc Maron’

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Listen to ‘Entrepreneurs on Fire’

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Listen to ‘Social Media Marketing Podcast’

Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

Listen to ‘Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips’

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