‘Mafia Tapes’ host Celia Aniskovich gets candid about the shocking parts of interviewing potentially dangerous guests

April 6, 2022

“Mafia Tapes” host Celia Aniskovich joined Podsauce for what she considers the most fun interview she’s ever done. In this chat, Celia told Alesha and Dax about Dominick Montiglio, a former mobster whose story is detailed in the podcast. Celia spilled on Dominick’s artistic endeavors outside the mob and what it was like to share a mafia story from an almost-all-female perspective. Additionally, she explained whether or not she questions her safety when working on mob stories.

Before the interview, Alesha shared her Murder Most Foul pick. Alesha was captivated by Imperative’s “Bonaparte,” a true crime podcast about an unsolved murder, a chance phone call 25 years after Anne Champion’s friend’s death, and re-investigating the case.

Dax’s pick is Andrew Ti and Tawny Newsome’s comedy podcast, “Yo, Is This Racist?” Holding the same name as Ti’s blog, the co-hosts answer fan-submitted questions to decide if certain things or ideas are racist.

Celia told Alesha and Dax about the fascinating 8-part docuseries, “Mafia Tapes.” This multi-layered podcast is unique and veers away from the true crime case you might expect. It involves an unreliable narrator from the DeMeo Crew, a mob storyline, and takes listeners on an unexpected and shocking journey that could appeal to fans of any genre.

Celia created documentaries and believed she would not work on another mob story until she learned about Dominick via audio tapes. Celia was not interested in the “Hollywood-ification” of mob tales and wanted to tell a mob story in podcast form with a mostly female team, as so many mob accounts are told by men. Celia went to New York and interviewed Dominick, law enforcement, family, and friends to complete the Brooklyn-based narrative filled with firsthand details from people often ignored in stories – those the mob left behind.

Alesha was surprised to learn that Dominick honed his artistic talents later in life. Celia was floored by the exquisite work she saw when she visited his home in Brooklyn, New York. According to Celia, he could have “become a ’60s pop star” with his “phenomenal” singing voice. These factoids are just some of the many facets that make Dominick’s story so compelling.

Dominick unexpectedly died while the podcast was underway, and the last 2 episodes grapple with this loss. Celia shared the feedback she’s received so far and what Dominick’s daughter thinks about the series. Fun fact: she seemingly inherited her father’s singing prowess. On a different note, Celia shared whether she worries about her safety when revealing such intricate details of people’s mob lives.

Celia tunes into podcasts like “Revisionist History” and “Longform Podcast.” For true crime stories, Celia listens to “Criminal” and is a fan of various Wondery shows.

Lastly, Dax unveiled the controversial food series, “A Hot Dog is a Sandwich,” for this week’s Odd Pod pick of the week.

Celia Aniskovich’s Picks

Mafia Tapes

Mafia Tapes podcast art
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Longform Podcast

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Murder Most Foul


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Dax’s Pick

Yo, Is This Racist?

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Odd Pod

A Hot Dog is a Sandwich

A Hot Dog is a Sandwich podcast art
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