Max Linsky of ’70 Over 70′ talks about his recent conversation with legendary TV writer Norman Lear

August 18, 2021

In this sixth episode of Podsauce, Alesha and Dax interview the host of the new hit podcast “70 Over 70” and the co-founder of Pineapple Street Studios, Max Linsky.

The episode starts off with Dax talking about his unsuccessful attempts to fall asleep, and listening to the podcast “Sleep With Me” to help. The two hosts had talked about the podcast in an earlier episode: the podcast tells an ASMR-esque bedtime story to help you fall into a peaceful sleep. It didn’t actually end up working for poor Dax, but we’re glad he gave it a try.

From there, Alesha shares her podcast pick of the week. Her pick is actually hosted by one of her good friends: “Ratchet & Respectable with Demetria L Lucas.” Lucas is the New York Times best selling author of Don’t Waste Your Pretty, which was turned into a TV One film by the same title. Her podcast muses on current events, pop culture, dating, television and movies, all from her perspective. It’s funny, charming and topical, and Alesha cannot recommend it enough.

Their guest for this week is none other than the host of Pineapple Street Studios’ “70 Over 70,” Max Linsky. Linsky goes in-depth into the idea of the podcast, which is learning how live and coming to terms with death. They talk deeply about Linsky’s episode with the legendary Norman Lear, and how strange it was to ask him about all of our impending deaths. They also chat about “70 Over 70’s” incredible first episode with Sister Helen Prejean, who has dedicated her life to ending the death penalty. Linsky reminisces about what a great time she was: hilarious and forthcoming despite devoting her life to such a heavy topic. They talk about her work towards abolishing the death penalty and coming to terms with her own mortality while working within a mortality-based movement.

Linsky shares some of his favorite podcasts, many of which are from his own Pineapple Street Studios, like “Stay Away from Matthew MaGill” and “Welcome to Your Fantasy.” He also shouts out “Exit Scam: The Death and Afterlife of Gerald Cotten” and “Raising Fame.”

The final segment of Podsauce is “If You Like This…” and Dax suggests that if you like The Ringer’s “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” you may like “Ball Sometimes Lie.” He specifically calls out their episode “The Game of Life,” “All White People Are White” and “Would You Trade X For Ben Simmons.”

See below for a complete list of podcasts that are mentioned:

Alesha’s Pick

Ratchet & Respectable

Listen to ‘Ratchet & Respectable’

Dax’s Pick

Sleep With Me

Listen to ‘Sleep With Me’

Max Linsky’s Picks

Stay Away From Matthew MaGill

Stay Away from Matthew MaGill image
Listen to ‘Stay Away From Matthew MaGill’

Welcome To Your Fantasy

Welcome to Your Fantasy image
Listen to ‘Welcome To Your Fantasy’

Exit Scam: The Death and Afterlife of Gerald Cotten

Listen to ‘Exit Scam: The Death and Afterlife of Gerald Cotten’

Raising Fame

Listen to ‘Raising Fame: Sports Edition’

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