Megan McDermott and Sarah Nelson chat about blending true crime and comedy on ‘It’s Always the Husband’

August 25, 2021

Alesha joined Dax remotely this week for Episode 7 of Podsauce. The hosts were stoked to interview “It’s Always the Husband‘s” Megan McDermott and Sarah Nelson. Alesha and Dax are both avid listeners of this comedic true crime podcast and find themselves cracking up when they listen. On this episode, our hosts also shared their picks of the week.

Dax shares this week’s Odd Pod, “What Was That Like.” It’s hosted by Scott Johnson, recounting first-hand narratives of people who have survived the unimaginable. Dax lists example stories from the podcast, such as a drug mule who was caught. People share their experiences about living through a mass shooting, walking away from a plane crash, surviving a train derailment, thwarting a bear attack, and more. With incredibly real storylines and titles such as “Robin Drove the Weiner Mobile” and “Dave Won $113k on a Game Show,” Dax is into it. Especially the episode titled, “I Got a Deal on Shark Tank,” which Dax can personally relate to. On the episode, he says he’s “been there, done that.”

Alesha shares her pick of the week, “Holding Court with Eboni K. Williams.” Since Alesha went to law school, she’s interested in the way Eboni speaks about current events from a legal perspective. Eboni easily breaks down factors in the cases mentioned, so even people without a law background can readily understand. Eboni recently discussed how Britney wanted to replace her lawyer in her conservatorship case. She also plays devil’s advocate when unpacking legal issues to explore all sides mentioned.

Megan McDermott and Sarah Nelson are thrilled to speak with Dax and Alesha. As best friends, Sarah and Megan enjoy blending the contrasting genres of true crime and comedy with their unscripted banter, incredulity, and wicked senses of humor.

Naturally, the hosts are also huge podcast fans. Megan shares how she got into the podcast, “Serial,” after watching Saturday Night Live‘s spoof. Sarah and Megan love examining other people’s stories where they’ve seen red flags and keep going in the relationships, because they explain they have experienced choices like these in real life with their marriages.

Alesha is a super-fan of “It’s Always the Husband” because Sarah and Megan’s hosting approach is relatable and conversational in nature. Alesha says their chats are similar to how she riffs with her girlfriends.

Sarah shares that one of her favorite episodes of “It’s Always the Husband” is “Double Mustache Wedding.” A bride-to-be has a mustache that’s nearly as thick as her husband’s.

Megan and Sarah were eager to share their favorite podcasts. Sarah loves “A Date with Dateline,” where the true crime TV expert hosts take a similar approach to “It’s Always the Husband.” They also love the hilarious hosts of “Small Town Murder.” Sarah and Megan are hooked on “Casefile,” as they often listen together during car rides. They were particularly jarred by the episode about a lady who skinned her husband. Then, she turned his skin into what appeared to be a shower curtain.

Alesha wants to know if the gals are taking their show on the road, but instead, Sarah and Megan invite our Podsauce hosts to visit them in Minnesota anytime. They would eventually like to tour. A few years ago, Sarah and Megan saw a live version of My Favorite Murder,” and they consider Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark’s live show to be the holy grail of podcasting.

See below for a complete list of the podcasts mentioned:

Alesha’s Pick

Holding Court with Eboni K. WIlliams

Listen to ‘Holding Court with Eboni K. Williams’

Sarah McDermott & Megan Nelson’s Picks

A Date with Dateline

Listen to ‘A Date with Dateline’

Small Town Murder

Listen to ‘Small Town Murder’


Listen to ‘Casefile’

My Favorite Murder

Listen to ‘My Favorite Murder’


Listen to ‘Serial’

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