Melissa Rivers gives her best Joan Rivers impression

October 15, 2021

Melissa Rivers’ red-carpet rule of thumb is if you don’t want to be interviewed, hide in the back.

Podsauce’s hosts Alesha and Dax are front-and-center with the extraordinary Melissa Rivers in this web exclusive, chatting about combining unfiltered insight, news, and humor in her podcast, “Group Text with Melissa Rivers.”

In her series, Melissa interviews guests, reveals what’s on her mind, and shares conversational topics that grace her friends’ group chats. On Podsauce, Melissa talked about the special bond she has with her close friend, Sabrina, who appears on “Group Text.”

Melissa loves to let her excitement for people and topics shine on the podcast and in her red-carpet interviews. The star of E!’s Fashion Police explained that if you’re a good interviewer, you intuitively know how to be a great guest. And this was the case for Gayle King on a recent “Group Text” episode. Dax loved listening to Melissa’s dynamic with Gayle as she discussed planning her daughter’s wedding and her friendship with Oprah. Gayle’s interview tops her list of favorite episodes.

Melissa speaks about the symbiotic relationship between interviewers and interviewees, and how at the end of the day, everyone is just trying to do their job. Melissa knows how to ask the right questions without crossing lines, and shares what it’s like to work with people who were previously unkind to her, such as Tommy Lee Jones.

Alesha recently listened to Melissa’s conversation with writer Michele McPhee about her book, Operation Mean Streets. Alesha was so immersed in the conversation, she lost track of time and was late for work!

Besides Gayle’s interview, Melissa discusses her other favorite episodes including “Olympics with Summer Sanders,” “When Insomnia Strikes…Again,” and Sarah Knight’s interview, the author of the No F*cks Given guides.

Melissa discussed the uproarious podcast her mom, the late comedienne Joan Rivers, would have if she was around today and the “cleanup” she’d have to do as a result. Melissa is looking forward to her upcoming book’s release Lies My Mother Told Me: Tales from a Short Woman. Dax and Alesha rolled on the floor laughing when Melissa reenacted one of Joan’s bits.

This Podsauce exclusive wouldn’t be complete without Melissa’s fab podcast picks: “Against the Rules with Michael Lewis” and “Revisionist History.” 

And that’s a wrap! Want to hear more from Melissa? Check out Podsauce’s web exclusive and tune in for weekly episodes of “Group Text with Melissa Rivers.”

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