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June 10, 2022

‘Rich Friends’ host Jade Watson is giving you the best advice from the highly successful

"Rich Friends" host and SickBird Productions founder Jade Watson shared about her company, why female mentorship is so important, & more.

June 3, 2022

Taylor Swift or Harry Styles? ‘We Have Notes with Abby Gardner’ host is forced to make the ultimate fandom decision

'We Have Notes with Abby Gardner' is for the pop culture obsessed. Abby told Podsauce about her love for Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, & more.

May 27, 2022

Ben Affleck? Matt Damon? Red Sox podcast ‘Inside the Monster’ hosts share the A-list fans they’d like to have on

"Inside the Monster" hosts Joey Copponi and Steve Perrault joined Podsauce to dish on their Red Sox podcast, shared some dream guests, & more.

May 20, 2022

‘9/12’ (2022 Podcast of the Year) host Dan Taberski shares how he finds humor in the post-9/11 world

"9/12" host Dan Taberski stopped by Podsauce on the heels of his major Podcast of the Year win at the 2022 Ambies. Dan shared how he finds humor in the post-9/11 world, how documentary filmmaking led to podcasting, and what happened after he "found" Richard Simmons.

May 13, 2022

Veteran journalist Gloria Riviera explains if universal childcare is the key to a better world

'No One is Coming to Save Us' host Gloria Riviera told Podsauce about her podcast, why America's childcare system is notoriously flawed, and more.

May 6, 2022

Ryan Sprague shares the UFO sighting that led to his lifelong obsession and a podcast dedicated to getting answers

With 'Somewhere in the Skies,' Ryan Sprague explores his lifelong UFO obsession with guests who share their own supernatural encounters.

May 3, 2022

‘BioHacked: Family Secrets’ begs the question: are popular at-home DNA tests wrongly compromising donor privacy?

T.J. Raphael, host of ‘BioHacked: Family Secrets,’ discusses uncovering the ways the largely unregulated at-home DNA testing and fertility industries have led to familial revelations and complicated ethical questions.

April 29, 2022

Panama Jackson tells boxing promoter Don King’s story like you’ve never heard it on ‘Power: Don King’

Hear about notorious boxing promoter Don King’s connections to Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, and even the Supreme Court are all explored in ‘Power: Don King,’ hosted by Panama Jackson.

April 26, 2022

Calling all music lovers! ‘Follow Your Dream’ podcast uncovers musicians’ little-known childhood dreams

Robert encourages y'all to "Follow Your Dream," too. Since 2021, Robert hopes to inspire people with his story and guests' interviews.

April 22, 2022

Interested in NFTs? Hear why ‘The Coin Bureau’ host Guy Turner cautions against them

Find out why Guy Turner, host of “The Coin Bureau,” suggests caution when it comes to NFTs, plus a conspiracy podcast he loves. Dax finds the perfect combination of celebrity and true crime in “Disgraceland,” and Alesha recommends ‘Twin Flames,’ a series that starts romantic and turns sinister.

April 19, 2022

‘Books on Pod’ host Trey Elling chats about the unexpected questions he asks stars like Matthew McConaughey, Tony Hawk, and more

'Books on Pod' host Trey Elling told Podsauce about his podcast, passion for reading, and memorable interviews with celebs like Tony Hawk.

April 15, 2022

‘The SNL Network’ host and ‘SNL’ expert Jon Schneider explains why Will Smith should host the show for the first time

'The SNL Network' host Jon Schneider told Podsauce about his podcast filled with recaps, hot takes, and roundtable discussions about 'SNL'

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