‘Rich Friends’ host Jade Watson is giving you the best advice from the highly successful

June 10, 2022

Jade Watson, host of “Rich Friends” and founder of SickBird Productions, told Podsauce why female mentorship is so important, when it was time for her podcast to change directions, and how her company builds podcasts from the ground up.

Jade told hosts Dax and Alesha how she got the idea for her podcast. In “Rich Friends,” Jade shares her story as an LA-based entrepreneur and production company owner with operations in Toronto, Vancouver, LA, New York, and London. Since she started her business in 2018, Toronto native Jade obtained a business visa to bring her operations to America and has created content for multi-million dollar companies. She’s enjoyed learning a lot along the way and working with uber-talented individuals.

When Jade was starting her business, she initially did not have a ton of female mentorship and found herself looking up to men in the venture capital space. Jade wanted to create an honest space for women in the industry to connect, talk about business, and share practical advice on a podcast. She also likes learning from people outside her bubble and continues to expand her knowledge.

Start this 7-episode podcast series from episode 1 to hear Jade’s full story and conversations with successful people from the digital space. You’ll hear conversations with YouTube and TikTok creators, financial planners, and business owners.

Jade is looking forward to upcoming episodes of “Rich Friends” and shared when she realized it was time to rebrand her podcast for newer episodes. The series is shifting its focus to go beyond the glossy, filtered Instagram-style highlight reel of creators and entrepreneurs.

Jade shared what it’s like to operate an incubator platform and the kinds of clients SickBird Productions works with. She talked about the podcasts her company produces, including “Petty Crimes” and “Rebranding,” and the diversity her company embodies.

Jade, Alesha, and Dax talked about Sarah Jenkins’ episode, a content creator who shared her career journey from getting laid off at Yahoo to getting hired by CBC, covering The Olympics, and beyond.

Lastly, Jade shared she listens to podcasts including “The Daily” and “Rebranding.”

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Rich Friends

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