‘Band of Mothers’ hosts indulge in some of their favorite tips; Trevor Shand talks all things horror

July 26, 2021

In this second episode of Podsauce, Alesha and Dax chat with hosts Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee of the “Band of Mothers” podcast. Then, they sit down with Trevor Shand, host of “The Boo Crew,” to discuss his favorite scary movies and podcasts.

Our hosts are joined by “Band of Mothers,” who share that they started their popular podcast after needing a night out from their newborn babies. Despite claiming to not be parenting experts, Ferm and Tee give great advice on helping overbooked parents take time for themselves. They share an impressive list of their favorite podcasts of all time, calling out “Almost 30”, “To Be Magnetic”, “The Astro Twins”, “Off the Gram”, “Plus Mommy”, “Dropping Gems with Devi Brown.”

Afterwards, Dax shares his top podcast picks of the week, even gracing us with specific episodes to get started with.

Next up, Trevor Shand joins Alesha and Dax to talk about all things horror. They share the horror movies that kept them up at night as kids and the ones they still love today. Well, Alesha doesn’t love horror movies. But, Shand is the horror genre authority, hence his podcast “The Boo Crew”. He shares his picks for podcasts that relate back to his love for film and horror: “Prop History” and “Bleeders DIEgest.”

Also, Shand talks about having prolific composer Danny Elfman (Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, Corpse Bride, etc.) over to his house for his podcast. He also discusses his new show which will be an immersive experience for his guests.

To finish off the episode, Alesha shares her podcast suggestions of the week and that her afternoon plans will be dousing herself in holy water.

See below for a complete list of podcast mentions:

Alesha’s Picks


Listen to ‘Factorious’

Oprah’s Masterclass

Listen to ‘Oprah’s Master Class’

Dax’s Picks

This Is Uncomfortable

Listen to ‘This Is Uncomfortable’

A Kids Book About: The Podcast

Listen to ‘A Kids Book About: The Podcast’

Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee’s Picks

Almost 30

Listen to ‘Almost 30’

EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips

Listen to ‘EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips’

AstroTwins Radio

Listen to ‘AstroTwins Radio’

Off The Gram

Listen to ‘Off The Gram’

Plus Mommy Podcast

Listen to ‘Plus Mommy Podcast’

Dropping Gems with Devi Brown

Listen to ‘Dropping Gems with Devi Brown’

Trevor Shand’s Picks

Prop History Podcast

Listen to ‘Prop History Podcast’

Bleeders DIEgest

Listen to ‘Bleeders DIEgest’

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