Sheletta Brundidge describes the moment Lil Nas X helped her young son find his first words

November 12, 2021

Sheletta Brundidge is a brilliant ray of light, joy, and fabulosity on her shows and radiates positivity in this week’s web exclusive. Podsauce’s Alesha and Dax chatted with the Emmy award-winning radio host from “The Sheletta Show,” and we heard about Sheletta’s life, family, platforms, and more. A comedian by trade, Sheletta had everyone giggling! She shared that behind the laughter, there are lessons to learn.

Sheletta called into Podsauce from Minnesota, where she is now living and “bringing flavor” with her southern roots. In this interview, she discussed her podcasting platform, “SHEletta Makes Me Laugh,” that publishes eight unique shows about people of color. Her podcasts encompass cultural relevance and creativity, emphasizing diversity and empowerment when covering a wide range of topics.

Sheletta started the platform last year during Black History Month and wanted to have a voice to discuss important subjects. Sheletta kept hearing from people who wanted to voice their ideas, too, so she invited people to podcast on her platform. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster when listening to her network’s shows.

In addition to the “The Sheletta Show,” Sheletta hosts “Laughing with Letta” and “Taking Authority Over Autism” about children with special needs. Sheletta’s sister has a show, and two of her kids who have autism host their own podcast, “Simply Autastic Siblings.” In addition to podcasting, Sheletta realized there were not any kids’ books available featuring Black autistic characters, so she wrote books about her children to empower and educate: Cameron Goes to School and Daniel Finds His Voice! Her stories gave Alesha and Dax chills!

Sheletta unpacks Daniel Finds His Voice, pointing to a now-viral video showing her 4.5-year-old son as he speaks his first words – none other than the lyrics to Lil Nas X’s hit single “Old Town Road.” The inspiring moment led to a lasting friendship between Sheletta’s family and Lil Nas X himself.

In Podsauce’s web exclusive, Sheletta discusses happiness, work/family balance, and how she would not code switch for a job. Sheletta shared how she decides on podcast episode topics and is a self-proclaimed nosy person, keeping her finger on the pulse of news who needs to know what’s going on. Dax loves Sheletta’s bite-sized episodes and he listened to Alan Page’s episode about not getting verified on social media. Alesha shared a sampling of previous episode topics including George Floyd, COVID-19, Michelle Obama, and more. Sheletta discussed how she authentically covers challenging topics on her podcast and in life, and wants to inspire people with fresh perspectives.

Recently, Sheletta went viral on CBS with her vaccination story, when she shared her initial hesitancy, but decided to get the jab after son asked her to.

Lastly, Sheletta shared her educational pick, “She Podcasts,” a series about growing your own podcast.

And that’s a wrap! See you next time!

Sheletta’s Pick

She Podcasts

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