Spider One’s ‘Bleeders DIEgest’ is a new spooky take on old school radio dramas

October 27, 2021

Alesha and Dax had a blast with Spider One when he stopped by Podsauce to chat about his dark fiction podcast, “Bleeders DIEgest.” But before their interview, the hosts naturally shared this week’s podcast picks.

Alesha presented the true crime podcast, “The Apology Line,” on Podsauce’s Done In a Day segment. With nine, easily bingeable episodes under 40 minutes in length, Alesha was ready to cruise through the entire season. In the 1990s, a confessional phone line was opened in Manhattan for anyone to anonymously share secrets. This podcast features original footage recorded from the phone line. Alesha recommended Episode 4 “To Catch a Serial Killer,” where listeners hear from a killer about the crimes he has committed.

As a true crime fan, Alesha is into “Murdaugh Murders.” Lately, the Murdaugh family and connected stories have been all over the news. Secrets, drama, and alleged cover-ups follow this family, including speculation that the patriarch hired his own hitman (he survived the killing). New information about the crimes is still unfolding, as explored in the episodes.

Next, “Bleeders DIEgest” creator Spider One discussed creativity, his lifelong love of sci-fi and horror, and inspiration. On “Bleeders DIEgest,” Spider One collaborates with Trevor and Lauren Shand and Krsy Fox. The group was ambitious in creating a narrative fiction podcast with all original stories, deviating from so many preexisting shows’ formats like folklore adaptations or Reddit stories. Spider One recommends episodes 5 and 9 for diehard fans of horror who are just getting into “Bleeders DIEgest.” Fun fact: Spider One is Rob Zombie’s brother.

Spider One enjoys theatrically voice-acting characters as well as writing the stories with the show’s co-creators. On the episode, “The Buzz of the Last Dying Fly,” Alesha and Dax were shocked to learn that Spider One voiced both the devil and the poet, whose character sold his soul to the devil. Dax had a real-life scare while listening to “The Decker House” episode on his jog one foggy morning.

Spider One shared his podcast picks including “The Boo Crew” and “Bigfoot Collectors Club.” He also works with “The Boo Crew.” The crew’s Trevor Shand recently visited Podsauce.

Lastly, Alesha and Dax think if you like “Anna Farris is Unqualified,” you’ll like “Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins.”

For more with Spider One, check out Podsauce’s complete episode. See you next time!

Alesha’s Pick

Murdaugh Murders

Listen to ‘Murdaugh Murders’

Done In A Day

The Apology Line

Listen to ‘The Apology Line’

Spider One’s Picks

The Boo Crew

The Boo Crew podcast art
Listen to ‘The Boo Crew’

Bigfoot Collector’s Club

Listen to ‘Bigfoot Collectors Club’

If you like ‘Anna Farris is Unqualified,’ you’ll like ‘Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins’

Listen to ‘Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins’

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